August Social Media Digest

Today, on one of the autumn days, we are reuniting again to go on with our good tradition of writing a monthly social media column. It could be seen as a summer echo of the most popular and widely used social platforms and their latest updates. Enjoy the newsfeed we provide for you below! 

Google Adds Option to Cast Meet Video Calls to Your Home TV 

Skype, MS Teams, Zoom….Have you ever tried Meet? With a new capacity added, this video-conferencing tool by Google has all the chances to scale up in the rating. We are talking about casting your Google Meet video calls to your home TV. This new feature allows a user more convenience, more space, more freedom and more flexibility while being in a call. One can either abstract himself from mobile/web notifications and signals or feel free to move around and focus on some household chores while still having a video conference.  

It is not the first attempt of Google to modernize its Meet app. Back in April, Meet app was made free for those with an active Gmail accounts; what is more, quick links to Meet were added as well to stand up to Zoom. However, nothing worked out. The Meet app did not manage to become a top-five video conferencing platform. This time, the forecast is more hopeful: the new feature is quite interesting and not an ordinary one.  

Anything else? Yes, to make it work you need to a Chromecast add-on. It is not very expensive hardware and sometimes modern TV screens go with the device built-in.  

In case the new feature appeals to you, feel free to try it. Massive Google scale is its key benefit. 

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Instagram Replaces Nametag Codes with QR Codes to Help Quickly Connect Users 

Instagram has come up with an unpopular idea to present a QR code for its profiles. Why ‘unpopular’? Quite few countries prefer using QR codes in their everyday social media activities. Nevertheless, Japan, for instance, is one of the fastest growing Instagram markets and a new feature will serve it perfectly. Another question that is likely to pop out is: the platform launched its profile QR codes in 2018, didn’t it? Yes…and no. Not exactly. There were Nametag Codes, which were limited to Instagram cameras only and were very bright and engaging to attract more users. Present QR codes, we are talking about, have a lot of advantages: 

  • they are universal: can be used by iOS/Android-based cameras; 
  • seem to be perfect in the framework of the Covid-19 restrictions (limit physical contact considerably); 
  • simplifying processes (an alternative way for customers to interact with stores), etc. 

All-in-all, the multifunctionality and convenience of the QR codes allow the last to be modernized and optimized. So, it would be a really good idea for Instagram to go on with the feature development. 

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Twitter Provides Tips for Brands Looking to Tap Into Cyber Monday Hype 

Covid-19 pandemic has definitely made its corrections in all the aspects of our living. Social distancing, limiting in-store presence/interaction is a brunt for retailing. However, let us not forget about Cyber Monday, which is due every year and this one is not an exception. What to do to make your Cyber Monday sailings boom? Twitter offers several promotional tools, which would help you to prepare for the event properly: 

  1. Advertise beforehand: due to new health regulations, the Cyber week is likely to move online. Thus, think out of the box and in advance to attract more visitors to your website. 
  1. Update your online presence/activities: look through all your listings well ahead to ensure they are accurate and full. Make sure your website is working correctly on various devices and look at your business from the perspective of a customer. 
  1. Grow your social media aspect: your social media profiles should be up-to-date and appealing to your audience.  
  1. Offer interesting gift ideas. Christmas is awaited with impatience this year as a period of relief and celebration. The Cyber Monday is high time for Christmas presents to be bought. Keep that in mind while showcasing your content. 
  1. Communicate Covid-19 policies: be honest and transparent with your Covid-19 policies. 

Cyber Monday with its celebration mood might seem to be so far away. Nevertheless, it comes soon, so get prepared now! 

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Facebook Adds Custom Backgrounds for Messenger Rooms, Adds New Rooms Discovery Tools 

This time, Facebook has decided to update its Messenger Rooms with: 

  • new custom backgrounds; 
  • new ways to categorize and connect your Rooms for meet-ups. 

Back in April, we got 360* background effect, mood lighting filters, etc. 

Presently, Facebook has launched a possibility to set your own photo or even home-made video as a Rooms background. This will be perfect self-expression under the stiff conditions we have today, don’t you think? 

What is more, new Rooms possibilities are presented: 

  • Create Rooms; 
  • Discover Rooms; 
  • Edit Rooms; 
  • Manage Rooms. 

‘Use the updated Rooms – feel even more accessibility and functionality’, – the creators announce. 

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Pinterest Provides an Overview of How to Use Adobe Spark to Create Pins 

We have just wanted to let you know that recently Pinterest has continued with its practice partnering with popular creation platforms to make great breathtaking pins. This time it has been all about Adobe Spark. The overview presented to the public is mainly focused on the marketers who are willing to use the slightest possibility to make their presence even brighter without leaving the platform. Adobe Spark is the very tool allowing for such a solution. 

The overview is quite simple but highly useful for those interested in Adobe Spark and its combination with the platform mentioned. 

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Hope, you have been with us and found the information pretty interesting. Do not miss out on our upcoming September newsfeed. Will be fun. 

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