Real Estate Business: How Can the Sector Benefit from Outsourcing?

You are the owner of a real estate business. Good for you. You may be either a successful and experienced one or merely a startup looking for a lucrative niche in the sector. Actually, it does not matter. Both the types could benefit greatly if turning to an outsourcing agency and delegate certain chunks of business tasks to a dedicated virtual assistant. Below you can find detailed info on the very services we provide with the listing of certain tasks/fields/directions your real estate business VA can be of good use. 

Most real estate agencies are looking for an executive assistant who can solve the issues essential for successful business performance in today’s environment. Mainly: 

  • Managing e-mails  
  • Scheduling and tracking appointments  
  • Documentation handling: paperwork, contracts ( work in DocuSign);  
  • Updating/typing/keeping structured information about the clients; working with CRM, etc. 

The experienced executive assistant can save your time,  spare your nerves and cover all your business needs. Finding the best cost-quality relevant VA service should be one of the key issues at the moment.  

Finding the Right Fit  

Hiring the right assistant can be a challenge. In some ways, it’s trickier than filling traditional management positions, because personal chemistry and the one-on-one dynamic are critically important; sometimes they even outweigh professional skills or experience. The traps existing are as follows: 

  • failure to ask enough questions about the tasks and duties to be delegated; 
  • a client’s expectation of an assistant who understands you without words; 
  • a need to learn and understand a company’s stylistics and inner communication peculiarities;  
  • creative work (SMM, DESIGN) requires finding common ground with the current visible style of the company; 
  • and much more. 

Gradually we have smoothly moved to the very services VAfromEurope provides, which can be applied to a real estate business outsourcing. 

Data Entry  

Your virtual property assistant will efficiently handle a pool of data real estate sphere is characterized by. The information about clients, a number of property features and market research results will be constantly typed/kept and updated to have everything structured to operate quickly and easily. A time- and effort-consuming task, while being rather boring and mundane, will not bother you anymore. 

Social Media management  

Social media appears to be a permit into successful and profitable business development. A dedicated VA can be responsible for: 

  • images/photos creation;  
  • social networks managing;  
  • events marketing; 
  • and much more.   

With VAfromEurope your business SM promotion will be target audience oriented, appealing and effective. 

Web Research  

Another service that is highly important and actual for property sector management outsourcing. Profound and detailed market research is a pledge for your business to be on the go and, what is more, to be constantly updated and trendy in its own way. Web research services comprise: 

  • property ownership searching; 
  • checking the real estate object within the vicinity;  
  • checking for a suitable property in terms of pricing, potential and general characteristics, etc.  

Being passionate about a working and appealing website? Nothing strange. Having doubts about how to manage it successfully? Not a problem. Website Administration and Content Management is one more outsourcing direction service we offer. To minimize or even eliminate a risk of your website being hacked, bugged and broken along with an interesting, actual and informative content is what the service is oriented at. 

Last but not least, our VA agency closely cooperates with software development company, which appears to be another advantage any client can considerably benefit from in case of need. 

An outsourcing agency or a freelancing? 

The present outsourcing market offers both specialized agencies services along with freelancers’ ones. Which one to choose?  

Why is it better to choose an agency and not a freelancer? If you have a small business and need to cover all the daily recurring tasks, a personal assistant who is a member of the team will be able to help you. In some questions, he will involve members of his team. 

The second advantage is the long-term prospect of cooperation without stopping in the process. Vacations, sick leaves, unforeseen furnishings, and work must be done. In the agency, this is possible through replacement. 

What results can you expect:  

Cooperating with a dedicated Property Virtual Assistant undermines a long-term relationship with someone who will understand your property business and your way of working. As a result, you get:  

  • more free time;  
  • your lead and client database expansion; 
  • more time to spend on the deals/contracts concluding;  
  • greater visibility for your business;  
  • better understanding of your clients by increasing involvement;  
  • clarity in your schedule;  
  • online presence considerable increase;  
  • SEO ranking improvement, etc. 

Impressive listing? That is only a part of all the possible benefits the cooperation with VAfromEurope will bring you. The relationship between an executive and his assistant is a model of business partnerships: successful and strong ones guarantee a mutual profit for both sides of a deal.  

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