Benefits of Social Media Presence for Your Business

Only a few years ago, it was not necessary to have your own business social media page. The new reality dictates new standards though. Before, a SM page presence was perceived more as an image attribute than a real marketing tool or, even more, a sales channel. Even ecommerce businesses, such as online shopping, rarely used social media platforms for commercial purposes. Was it good or bad? Actually, it doesn’t matter now.

What is important, today, the situation has changed dramatically: without the full use of social networking tools and features, it is hard to develop any effective marketing strategy for the development of the company, its promotion. The newly arisen capabilities are utilized by international corporations and small firms of 2-3 people working both in the B2C and B2B markets. The scale of the company does not matter; what is more, there are almost no restrictions.

Currently, there exist a number of ways to promote your business. It could be done through:

  • social media platforms;
  • SEO optimization strategies;
  • a great number of various advertising moves;
  • emailing;
  • link building;
  • and a good deal more.

In practice, all of these promotion channels are mutually interconnected. However, one of the methods of active promotion of your business is social networking. It has an impact on the very website, its visibility and SEO optimization promotion, link-building, as well as its informative content enhancement like what your business is all about from inside. As compared to your website with its permanent, stable and ‘conservative’ nature, social media profiles are flexible, engaging, fast, and easily adaptable.

If you are still unsure whether you need to use social media in business, and whether your time and effort are worth it, then there are some important reasons why you should not ignore this very marketing channel. You can either use your own sources or turn to the virtual agency service to do it for in case you need one.

How can Social Media impact your Website?

Firstly, it is really possible to showcase social media presence via your website. Secondly, there turns out to be several working ideas to blend the website content and SM account to create a unified image of your brand online. As a result of such a ‘collaboration’, the website can:

  • improve interactions;
  • increase traffic;
  • get better visibility and feedback,

with the following options available:

SM icons creation. The idea is perfect for a good start. The icons are suggested to be added consistently and subtly and could be placed at the footer, main navigation bar, connect page, etc. It is highly recommended to combine the social media icons chosen with a call-to-action, e.g. ‘contact us’, ‘connect with us’, ‘download’ and so on.

‘Follow and share’ buttons. The idea is similar to the previous one and lies in a direct invitation to use the link provided and access a social media profile. With such buttons you automatically share the content of your website onto your SM account and, consequently, get considerably widened distribution and new clients. ‘Follow and share’ options can be put on your blog posts, industry/service pages, multimedia and alike.

Social Live Feeds. With this idea, you have constantly updated social media profile and fresh website while linking SM channel to your website.

SM Advertising for your Business.

Advertising on social networks encourages effective SEO business promotion, as it increases site traffic. Thanks to the transitions from social networks and links that are posted there, the site’s performance improves. After all, search engines highly value different types of external links from reputable web resources, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Advertising with social media is the best way ever to reach out to your audience by making your services/products recognizable.

Before the ads campaign starting, it is well worth choosing the most proper advertising options offered.

What do social media platforms give you? Here you are three core principles the SM ad campaigns are ruled by:

  • Better awareness. It is a critical step to start your ad campaign with. Practice organic posting with the target audience option used.
  • More consideration. Here is all about utilizing targeting and retargeting options. Focus on your main followers/subscribers sector and collaborate with them through your profile features.
  • Higher conversion. Targeting, advertising and results tracking form a skeleton for conversion success.

While your business peculiarities and target audience focus that will be organic for your brand in mind, catch a short social media-SEO interdependence scheme.

  • Widened content sharing -> more website traffic -> boost of rankings. Social media presence does affect your search engine rankings. It is a great place for information publishing and sharing.
  • Social media profile optimizing -> search engine visibility increase -> more traffic. While the first step is to create your page, the next one is to remember to keep it optimized and updated.
  • Better search content -> better traffic -> higher ranking. On your social profile, you can clearly see how many people like what you are doing and share it. Consequently, do some research if needed and make your profile standing up to the relevance criteria.
  • Relevant keywords on your social media page -> more SM content visibility -> more website clicks. Social media is a so-called search engine itself. Make sure it has all the relevant keywords to drive traffic.
  • Consistent contact info -> Google’s business credit increase -> search results boosting. Your name, address and phone number play a vital role for search engine, so make sure to include personal info across your website, SM page and local listings.

Your Brand Visibility Boost

It is 100% possible to grow your business recognition right from your social profile(s) these days. What is more, you can freely increase your subscribers/followers’ number and create a positive first reaction. Look below for several backbones to follow in your pursuit for excellence:

  • Your audience engagement. Mutual communication has always been highly effective and rewarding. Social platforms seem to be ideal places for such actions.
  • Your best content diversification. And again, the world of SM gives its users a good chance to make the content more interesting and engaging by providing video or infographics to make it go viral.
  • Various giveaways hosting. Another great idea to increase your business recognition while creating an atmosphere of fun for your followers. Create your own rules for the event planned and make it a snowball!
  • Other brands connection. Find those who are in your industry but, at the same time, are slightly different. Reach out for mutually beneficial collaboration and see the results by yourself.

Back to You

So, in order to get more eyes on your business and to achieve good results, the social media presence would be a very good marketing move. Social media is closely connected with SEO and link building, it allows your website to rank high, your content to be more engaging and, on the whole, makes your business recognizable. However, it is really important to concentrate on the very social platform(s) most beneficial for you (e.g. Instagram, for e-commerce, LinkedIn for the IT sphere, etc.). If you need either assistance or merely a consultation to put the recommendations into action, our virtual assistants are always there to help.

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