Effective Meeting Minutes: Logical Ideas and Samples

 Time is money. The quote is old but always actual and a wise one. Business meetings have become an integral part of the business flow and are seen as a successful combination of both time-consuming but rewarding process. In the age of new technologies, people are more and more often turning to their meetings being recorded rather than taking minutes. 

The record is excellent; it is perfect in order not to miss the details and makes it easier for the assistant to properly transfer the results of the meeting in the minutes. However, the summaries/conclusions are highly important, especially during the meetings concerning the company’s strategic aims and plans. 

Let us set off into a logical chain of tips and ideas to get meeting minutes written efficiently and properly. 

To begin with, here we have a minutes pre-planning stage

Keep in mind that your assistant is to get ready for the very meeting well ahead of time, so focus on the following preparation aspects: 

  • Make your assistant familiar with the agenda including the attendees and the main topics to be discussed.  
  • Next, willingly provide all the clarifications needed, including the meeting’s main theme(s) and the target audience. It frequently happens that an assistant needs a record of the meeting to be prepared in order not to miss anything important. Keep that in mind. 
  • Another point here is taking care of all the necessary materials/gadgets/technological moments needed for the flawless writing process. Make sure the sound and the video are of high quality. 

Is it possible to delegate meeting minutes writing to a virtual assistant? Yes, sure. Even more, the majority of businesses adopted such a solution as a common practice for them due to a range of advantages to be mentioned below. For better understanding, before moving to the very essence of our discussion, let us provide a short insight into who a VA is. It is somebody who is available online and is well-known as a perfect listener, communicator, supervisor, organizer… All-in-all, quite a multitasker. This is part of the administrative work, or the work of a personal assistant, who is aware of the strategy and activities of the organization and often serves as the right hand of the head. Sounds like a perfect candidature for an effective meeting minutes creation, doesn’t it? 

Actually, a virtual assistant can easily manage preparation, minutes writing and post meeting stages. It helps every organization to avoid the issues regarding the drawbacks of organization, lack of proper monitoring and others. Presently, there are many virtual meetings held, and no matter on- or off-site, the moms allow effective meeting content structuring in order not to lose the main thread and set priorities.  

On the preparation stage, your VA can: 

  • schedule a meeting; 
  • contact, engage and coordinate the attendees; 
  • research and check the agenda; 
  • proofread the documents; 
  • make presentations and supply all the necessary materials. 

On the stage of the very meeting minutes writing, a virtual assistant is good at: 

  • writing the minutes proficiently while using speedwriting with all the possible abbreviations and relevant terminology being prepared ahead; 
  • using various templates; 
  • using recording/transcribing apps; 
  • monitoring the discussion; 
  • meeting tools and technology performance management. 

Finally, post-meeting stage could benefit from VA’s service in the following ways:  

  • proofreading the moms (minutes of the meeting); 
  • sharing the moms; 
  • additional tasks assigned management; 
  • meeting correspondence dealing with; 
  • providing expense reports as well as reimbursement records. 

Actually, there exists a variety of the moms’ formatting (Excel, Word documents; Powerpoint presentations, etc.) with the core points being mainly the same. For better visualization, there is provided a table with the points necessary for proper meeting minutes writing as well as a Meeting Minutes Sample

Writing meeting minutes is a highly rewarding practice, which recommended itself positively in the business world a while ago. A professional meeting minutes writing goes hand-in-hand with a range of other tasks to make your meeting efficiently planned and positively esteemed. Together, we will definitely achieve the goals set and make the meeting/meeting minutes valuable and worthy. 

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