What is your time zone? How can we contact you?

Our team is located in Ukraine (GTM+2). Communication usually takes place via Skype and e-mail (official correspondence); there are clients who communicate with us additionally through their mobile applications, such as WhatsApp, Viber or other available means of communication. If it is necessary, we organize joint conferences with the help of other available communication services at the appropriate time agreed by the parties.

Will my virtual assistant be working on the weekends?

Our working time is Monday-Friday. You can submit your tasks anytime and your virtual assistant will make sure to get to it asap on the following business day. All the unusual requests regarding schedule can be discussed individually.

How could we know how much time do you spend on the particular task?

We send weekly reports on the work done(besides our official weekly reports we usually send daily reports as well).

Can you show me an example of a status report and how often you send them to me?

Yes sure. We will send you.

How many hours can virtual assistant work with my tasks?

Everything depends on your own needs and your business needs. Taking them into account, we can choose the best package for your maintenance. Ultimately, you always can start with less hours and gradually increase them.

What education have team members of VAfromEurope?

Our team members graduated from University with master Degree

Do you have a trial period?

We offer a free 3-hour trial, which comes first, so that new Clients can be sure we do good quality work before having to pay for our services.

Can I swap my VA if needed?

Sure, we will consider your request and will swap VA as soon as possible

Will I have a dedicated VA?

We are offering dedicated VA to the customers with good writing and spoken English skills.

How does your VA communicate with me?

Channels are discussed ( Skype, email, Slack)

Do you get the same VA every time if booked in advance?

Mostly, we dedicate VA to every client. When the VA dedicated is on vacations, sick leave, etc., we are changing the VA to be sure that the task will be done on time. We are informing the client on the situation existing and are managing further conversation with him.

What kind of projects do you usually deal with?

Our team handles a variety of routine business tasks assigned to us by business people seeking help with data entry, managing spreadsheets and databases, web research, word processing, customer communication flow facilitation, social media management, website content writing and updating, web development and much more…

Can my personal assistant handle my calendar/inbox?

Sure. Your personal assistant can arrange meetings and manage your Google Calendar with ease. Simply share and grant your assistant access to manage your calendar.

Is my VA fluent in the English language?

Our VAs are not native speakers. Nevertheless, they are fluent in English both written and oral.


We sign NDA about data confidentiality that is included in the contract and besides, our computer systems are provided with appropriate protective means.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. More information about it you can find here

Is my information secure?

Yes. We consider all information related to your account as private and take significant measures to protect it. We have a multi-tiered approach to security, including IP restrictions, screen monitoring software, and the encryption of secure information. All employees handling client information sign non-disclosure agreements and are trained in data security.

Plans & Prices

How does the pricing work?

You will be billed each month according to the plan you choose. Prices for packages start from $99 per month.

Is it on a rolling month to month contract and can we increase/decrease as we need it? For example one month we might need 40 hours and then the next we might only need 20?

Yes, we can consider to increase/decrease the hours. It can be 40 hours one month, 20 or 80 hours the next month, etc.

Can I buy 1 Package and use a few VA’s for one Package?


Are you considering the possibility to different users? Can we combine hours?

Yes, we were working with that kind of combination and can consider it

How it works

Easy, Simple and Secure Steps to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Acting in the best interests of our clients, we have highly simplified our engagement process to several easy steps for those who have found a solution to their worries and challenges in a list of our services. The ‘List of Steps to Undergo’ will definitely make your intention for cooperation much stronger, your decision much more structured and your expectations much more concrete and positively oriented. If you are still seeking specialized skills or non-standard approach to fit your needs we suggest contacting our Manager to develop your personal strategy which will match your specific requirements. In case you are still in two minds, unsure whether with our virtual assistants you get the best end of the deal we offer a free trial task to resolve your concerns and inhibitions.

List of Steps to Undergo…

Every business is unique with peculiar needs and to cater to them we have built a multi-skilled team capable of coping with a variety of tasks. Accordingly, do not hesitate to delegate either one-time or special tasks we are looking forward to undertaking them despite their complexity or uniqueness.

Custom Plan


Request Custom Service

Apply for our services to make it possible for us to get your workload off your shoulders


Review with Our Manager

Our Virtual Assistant Lead will reach out to you shortly to discuss your needs, define required skills and team structure, and to agree cooperation strategy for VA service


Providing Your Task Description

A client provides task details and task peculiarities in order a proper VA or VA team can be assigned


Compile Your VA Team

Based on the defined approach Virtual Assistant Lead will compile the team which meets your needs in the best and will make it ready the same day


Send Tasks to Your Team

Your VA team is ready to work! Make sure to start sending them your tasks with clear goals and expectations



Free Trial


Request Trial Task

You may doubt about what virtual assistant can do for you. Just try, not guess. Feel free to submit your 3-hour task with a description what to be done and be ready to enjoy the result


Contact Our Manager

In case you need further clarifications, you can always reach out to our VA Lead to make all your hesitation vanish into thin air.


Trial is Completed

Our virtual assistant will pick up your request and will dive in to complete your task and save your productive time


Evaluate and Decide

Receiving back the result please make sure to evaluate the work and make decision how to proceed with rest of your tasks


Give us feedback

Can’t find your answer?

Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Contact Us ˲

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