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Everyone who has ever faced with the need to develop its own website has repeatedly heard of the SEO concept.

One of the basic SEO elements is keywords

What is the idea of keywords? What are they for?

These questions are often asked by our customers. That’s why we have decided to create a questionnaire with the top questions that might be helpful for business owners.

So keywords are words that allow users to find relevant content for their needs in the search engine.

A website that is well optimized for search engines ’speaks the same language‘ as its potential user base.

Search engines rank sites in the search queue by many factors, one of which is the relevancy of the key query. If the site owner, having placed the information, did not provide the content with the required level of correspondence to the topic, then the pages of such site in terms of the search engine are not useful to the user and will not be displayed in the top of search engine result page (SERP).

What does one need to know when choosing keywords?

  • To start with, it is necessary to look at it from a potential client’s perspective. You need to think as a client who will search for your product or service;
  • It is necessary to study the industry trends in which the client – the owner of the website – works;
  • Competitors’ Keywords. Gathering such Information allows to add to the list new enquiries useful for promoting. Also it helps to make a decision about adding to the website various interesting elements of content.

When is needed to create a list of keywords for a website?

A rule of thumb says that one has to create keywords list at the stage of launching website and at the beginning of marketing campaign.

Does the list of keywords require the revision, and when?

Definitely, yes. You need to control the effectiveness of the keywords, change or replace them when their performance and effectiveness decreases substantially.

Everything depends on the website. However, the practice shows that this should be done at least once every 6 months.

How many keywords should be created at the launching stage? Between 15 and 20. Why?

It is essential to make sure that at the initial stage of the website’s semantic kernel implementation keywords do not ’cannibalize’ each other.

How many keywords need to be on a website page?

The average keyword density for a page should not be more than 1-3% of webpage content.

Are there any rules one has to follow when using keywords?

  • Unique keywords should be used on every website’s page;
  • Keywords might include either one word or whole phrases (2-3 words). They can be short- or long-tail.

Keywords that consist of just one word are frequently not very relevant.

It is recommended to take the market by storm with long-tail keywords (phrases) that have less competition but bring you higher relevance.

How many keywords should be on a website or web platform in general?

Each page should be fоcused on not more than 2 or 3 keywords. Most important keywords have to be placed in ‘title’ and ‘meta’ tags of the page. If the page is optimized for multiple keywords at the same time, the search engine will not be able to distinguish the semantic core of the page and thus will not consider it as a relevant content to a specific search query. To hit top positions in search engine rankings, each page should be focused on certain keywords. If you want to promote a website with multiple keywords, you need to increase the number of pages.

Where can we apply keywords besides the website?

Marketing strategy should be a closed cycle where every element complements each other. One of these elements is keywords. Therefore, you can use them not only on the website pages but also for social media and articles.


We hope that our quick guide has responded to frequently asked questions from our actual and prospective customers about SEO and keywords.

Our VAfromEurope team has the expertise in this area and is always happy to help you.

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How To Implement Content Strategy For Your Business Mon, 22 Jan 2018 10:18:32 +0000 Read more »]]>

If you’re striving to:

  • promote brand and business awareness
  • inform customers about your goods and services
  • attract new customers
  • find out what customers think of your business
  • build stable and durable relationships with existing clients

Once you have indicated these goals, you should outline the content strategy if you decide to get involved in the social media marketing.

Our business experience shows that it is crucial to have a documented strategy. Therefore, a business that outlines a documented content strategy:

  • can avoid easily any possible pitfalls of content marketing
  • is more successful in implementing content marketing tactics through social media platforms
  • is more likely to connect the posted content with the target audience and increase engagement, retweets, likes, shares, followers, etc.

What does content strategy consist of?

A content strategy is a general vision that clarifies the reasons why you are creating content. You are to decide for whom and how you are going to promote and produce the content.

Firstly, you should look at implementing your content strategy through the collaboration of copywriter, designer and/or developer. The content strategy cannot be implemented solely by the copywriter. If you are a copywriter, you will be responsible for research and generation of keywords. And if you are a designer, you are going to concentrate on how to make the graphics fit around the text. As a developer, you are to have a clear understanding of the various computer languages that are used in application development.

These people initiate the process of elaborating and performing the content strategy. So, the task of the effective manager is to make sure that everyone is working on the same goals from the very beginning until the very end.

The effective content strategy includes the following fundamental steps:

  • Discuss the reasons for creating the content long-term strategy; indicate the problems to be solved; determine what will be a successful result of this strategy
  • Once you have outlined the vision, it is time to set 3-4 measurable, meaningful, time-bound, and content-focused goals for your content strategy
  • Analyze the audience, figure out characteristic features of the audience, like demographic information, what channels they use to communicate, who their influencers are, what are their pain points, etc.
  • Create the brand story; describe the uniqueness of the proposed products or services; align your style with the brand’s peculiarities
  • Choose social media channels to tell the brand story
  • Measure the success of each post: traffic, social shares, etc.

Based on our experience, if you want your strategy assistant in social media promotion to be on the same wavelength with you, you need to dedicate a little time to convey your goals and objectives, business vision, tastes.

But very often people have various visions of the same things. That`s why the effective manager can always build the right development strategy and explain it to you and your audience.

This is also the reason why hiring a team of specialists who are responsible for your promotional services could provide mutual understanding and visualization of your business strategy.

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The Power of Infographics in Business Fri, 29 Dec 2017 14:33:13 +0000 Read more »]]> How Can Infographics Simplify Your Business

Nowadays it is quite laborious for people to navigate through the plenty of numbers and statistics. Every time we are overwhelmed with the dozens of information; it is complicated to concentrate on something significant and relevant.

For this purpose, both businesses and organizations deal with infographics that attract popularity and become widely used. Infographic is attention-grabbing, effective, memorable illustration that digests information or statistics as a visual story.

How Can Infographics Simplify Business Communication?

If you are struggling with the various pieces of information, lists, graphics just try to represent it using this visual tool. Infographic is one of the marketing methods for businesses to build brand awareness and engage clients.

Clarify The Most Complicated Information

Infographic allows the target audience to navigate easily through the text-based content without being confused. The main thing is to choose a message that is to be delivered. Then find the right layout as well as structure for both content and design. However, the core value of every infographic is to be original. For instance, if there is an important issue, a report, or a compelling content, each infographic design should be simple and innovative. Find the creative combination of colors, tones, images. In fact, business owners often use infographics in the marketing campaign as it results in a lot of social sharing and attracts customers.

Make The Most Elaborated Report Easier To Read

It means that every research, annual report, guideline could be transferred into the appealing infographic. The presence of graphical or visual elements in every report will attract fellows than the simple storytelling or images. Do not use too much text! Let the reader take a glance and be fully captured by the idea. The businesses spend a lot of money on designing infographic; nevertheless, they let readers share it across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Besides, having shared infographics, every blogger can engage more subscribers and likes.

Optimize Decision-making

Often we drain our brain to make better decisions. You have the target audience, the context of the delivered message, and the overall plot of speech, but the problem is to decide on the way of presenting the matter. The well-designed infographic takes a lot less time to prepare the amount of information in a much more entertaining way. Moreover, data visualization helps us quickly understand and remember it.

In fact, everyone could create infographics using affordable or even free tools like Piktochart, Visme, Canva Infographic Maker, Google Charts, Infogram, Venngage, Vizualize, etc. They are simple and offer a wealth of templates, so it will not be a problem to make sense of complex information.

Meanwhile, a skillful designer could make an accurate and inspiring infographic in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

All in all, the infographic is one of the beneficial ways of implementing the content marketing strategy. Some troubleshoot problems could be solved by simplifying the content or technical issues in this innovative way. Moreover, the work with virtual assistants can help speed up the infographic process.

Infographic is almost everywhere like in offices, schools, public environment; the main aim of infographics is to boost the sale of products and services, to inform people, and clients.

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Tips For Successful Email Marketing Tue, 31 Oct 2017 14:56:23 +0000 Read more »]]>

One of the most important steps in assuring the effectiveness of the activity of each company is to attract customers and partners as well as create their database. The main aim of the company is to constantly fill up customer base.

Therefore, cold mailing is a necessity in the world of sales, marketing, and business. It’s a way of getting new clients and possibilities, building relations with the companies that haven’t been in touch with your company before.

Correctly organized mailing lists can help to make your profit. Due to our experience and work with clients, who use our services of lead generation, we can analyze and talk about the pros and cons of emailing as a source of attracting customers.

it is considered that email campaign is the most efficient channel of company sales

Mailing campaign is an efficient tool for reaching the target audience. And marketing team has to consider a few important factors:

  • Company strategic goals;
  • Company size;
  • Understanding of the target audience;
  • The services offered in an email campaign must match the services provided on the website.

What are the obstacles a company faces when launching the mailing campaign?

  • Incorrect email;
  • Returned email (if your letter contains an attached file, it may be identified as spam).

Expectations, statistics, and real mailing results

Basically, a client expects the maximum feedback from respondents. Just by relying on articles without any first-hand marketing experience, your expectations and desires could be unreal. After reading various articles, you can actually think that if you get the right audience and find their correct emails, the positive result of the email campaign would be 50%.

The result depends on a company size and recognition. If your company is a start-up, don’t expect very good results. Approximately it would be around 1-5% of sent emails with a received feedback.

Email marketing needs permanency

However, it must be taken into account that preparing, executing and maintaining an email marketing campaign is a routine process. It requires:

  • Targeting the right audience (preparing databases with the potential clients according to strategic tasks of the company);
  • Searching and entering data into a database (CRM);
  • Creating an email template.

Searching the companies is not enough, you have to include a list of the key decision-makers for the strategic partnership. The correct email address is very important. Essentially, the process of creating a target list and email campaign takes a lot of time and needs permanent attention besides the strategic questions and exact correspondence with the customer (once you receive the reply). That’s why such work is often outsourced.

Template creation

Depending on the purpose, you can send ordinary letters or letters with design elements. Corporate colors, logos, active social networks, links on the website – everything could be included in the template. You can create a template yourself or delegate the task to a designer – it is up to you.

Thus, sales manager deals with correspondence after receiving feedback and negotiating within their competence. I can definitely say, that the result this sales channel brings is the result of a teamwork. It takes time and understanding of needs of a particular business and also a great deal of patience. The number of the emails depends on different things – whether you use an automated mailing through CRM systems and mailing tools (MailChimp, Aweber) or you do it manually.
Obviously, your time and patience are of great importance. Who and when will help you in this – it also depends on the company’s decision. Outsourcing can become a solution that will help with lead generation and cost optimization.

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How To Choose The Right 3D Animation Software Sun, 25 Jun 2017 11:56:28 +0000 Read more »]]> Best 3D Tools To Use

3D animation combines art and math in the way where colors and numbers create alternative worlds where you can’t see the fragile line between fantasy and reality. Latest 3D animation software will allow you make your own ideas real and alive.

Learning how to use one of the best 3D animation software might be challenging, yet you will definitely be pleased with the results. Obviously, this process might take some time, but you will catch up later when difficult tasks are done with phenomenal speed and quality.

Depending on your knowledge and goals you can choose from different tools. Most of them can be used by both amateurs and pros, but it will be better if you take your time to find the one that perfectly fits you. For example, Autodesk 3D with lots of extensions from other companies which simplifies your work process is easy for beginners. However, if you already have good experience in 3D animation, Foundry products would be a great asset for you.

Choosing the tool to learn is highly important for your future 3D animation success. It is an investment in yourself so take your time to think it through properly. Once you start your learning process you wouldn’t like to switch applications back and forth, so choose wisely.

Autodesk – Top 3D Animation Software

Among many others, the major part in 3D animation world plays Autodesk. It offers Maya and 3ds Max software options. Its tools are universal to use for both newbies and professionals. Autodesk software provides the endless variety of options, like lighting and simulation. It is widely used for video games and manga creation. Email and online forum support allow you to keep up with news and communicate in the easiest way possible. Such wide range of options and possibilities to implement many extensions will help you make a tremendous progress towards your abilities’ growing.

Autodesk tools are perfect for digital production, such as movies, games and broadcast television. They make the production of animations and scenery a lot easier for both novices and pros, that’s why they are legitimately considered as one of the best 3D animation software.

Maxon – Best Software for Rendering

Maxon tools have its pros and cons. They may seem a little bit complicated at first but overall are considered as a user-friendly 3D software that fits everyone despite user’s level of background. The key feature of Maxon animation products is its fast rendering. It is also worth mentioning that these tools are known for its Photoshop-friendly options.

One of the Maxon’s products is Cinema 4D. Although it’s easier to use compared to other alternative tools, still it can’t be seen as a simple one. Learning this one requires a deep background in animation sphere, often possessed by professionals. Cinema 4D is considered as one of the best tools for graphic artists, who have few experience in 3D tools.

3D Animation Software: What to Look For

Choosing the right 3D animation software is a long and difficult process, which may confuse you. To make this burden easier for you, we have created summaries of key aspects, you should look into.

Modeling Features

Among other modeling styles, we singled out three most common, which are polygon, subdivision, and NURBS. First two are represented in most, if not all software. As for NURBS, you can find it only in best of the best tools packages. Polygon uses 2 dimension system, which consists of vertices connection. Subdivision, on the other hand, goes further and uses 3D shapes which result in smooth surfaces. NURBS involves curve-based modeling technique, that helps to create smooth and organic surfaces.

Animation Features

Creation of animation requires a lot of efforts. Making your character look alive needs even more than that. The more realistic you want to make your creation, the more animation layers you have to implement. Using software which supports editable motion features will simplify your production process and help you customize it the way you imagine. And, of course, don’t forget to add audio effects to complete your masterpiece.

Intuitive User Interface

3D animation software can be pretty tricky in handling it. While choosing the tool you’re going to learn how to pay attention to its interface. The handy interface will save you a lot of time and efforts. If you are an experienced user, it would be useful to customize your workspace according to your needs. In that case, it will help to increase your productivity.


Nowadays it’s almost impossible to create something that meets everyone’s needs. That’s why developers gave up on stuffing modern software with plenty of options that might be useful for ones and an obstacle for the others at the same time. Instead of that, they started to put those options into packages that can be set up if the user needs it. That’s where extensions step up.

You won’t find 3D animation software that will have everything you need and exclude everything you don’t. Thus, while looking for a tool to learn, choose the one that has a feature to add plugins or extensions as needed. In that case, you’ll have more freedom in your newly created animation world.

Still not sure which tool to choose? Or maybe you are too busy to look for 3D animation software? Then our animation experts at VAfromEurope can help you create your desired animated masterpiece!

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Our Customers’ Requests (Part 4) Mon, 29 May 2017 14:48:22 +0000 Read more »]]> Data Entry

How often have you heard the expression `Time is money`? It’s not a concern for the small business owners, who can’t afford to waste time.

When you recognize how technology can help you grow and develop your business prospects, you will need to put into effect technological solutions to make your business more profitable, and you will need to decrease your routine work in general.

Our team VAfromEurope is definitely aware of the process of marshalling papers, files, and dealing with databases and documentation. Take a look at your business process. Is there work that you have to cope with again and again, but which you could automatize with the help of technology?

It doesn`t matter who you are- a manager, an owner of the company or you just work with various data – you might always be stuck in a rut.

For instance:

  • You might have a good CRM system but do you have enough employees to maintain this framework? What will this maintaince require? Here one can leverage outsourcing;
  • Do you have internet businesses? You regularly need to create newsletters for clients, who are interested in your business.
  • Do you have a website, and you need to update data? In practice, every business has lots of files to get through.

One example of our work: a client has lots of business documents that have been collected for 20 years. He wants to do a mailing and to contact all the companies he has been working with previously. So we have different files and photos with information and our task is to select the needed contact info and to insert it into one spreadsheet so that it will be easy for a client to use. Undoubtedly, it’s a task for a data entry proffecional, and we can cope with it, too.

Anyway, if you have lots of data in different files, in various formats, or you need to search some data and to gather it all and put into one spreadsheet – it is a task for a virtual assistant and an opportunity for you to save your time for more useful tasks, while an assistant is preparing all the information for you.

At the stage when your business is working proficiently, it gives you more opportunities to showcase your business and strike deals.

]]> 0 How to Use WordPress Plugins Effectively Fri, 28 Apr 2017 13:42:26 +0000 Read more »]]> How to use WordPress plugins effectively

Of course, we use WordPress a lot and we like the process of working with it. This platform is so useful, when we work with different websites, it gives a lot of options to fill them correctly. Whatever business you have, it has to be presented with a good website, which reflects all its peculiarities and exclusiveness. How can WordPress help with it? Let’s see.

Additional plugins, that can be added to WordPress, allow us to use more platform’s functions. This way, we can use it to add the differentiation to websites. Due to the information on the WordPress website, there are more than 40K plugins to use. Of course, not all of them helps to make the website awesome and different, some plugins are used just for simple work with a website, but some let us make our pages more unique, which makes our website special, interesting, even more qualitative.

So, you want to create something cool and add some new features to your website. But there is an obstacle – even if you know exactly what do you need to add and what tools can be useful, there would be a lot of options. Then, which plugin to choose? After having our own experience in choosing, using and working with WordPress plugins, our specialists tested a lot of them and determined some that can really help.

1. CoSchedule.

It works like a calendar. If you have a lot of info to post and a lot of work to do with the website, it is a useful plugin to schedule all these in advance (weeks, even month).

2. Instagram Feed.

If you are trying to keep up with the latest social media news and ways of business marketing, you have to use Instagram, of course. Using of this plugin helps to show your Instagram feed on the website and to invite people to follow your business page.

3. Frizzly.

What does this plugin do really well – it helps to communicate other people with your website. Just with hovering over a photo, a menu, options, it allows to share the information from the website on social media, like tweeting, sharing on facebook, etc.

4. Notifications Bar.

You can often see a notifications bar on the top of different websites, where they offer to follow some pages or to subscribe to news or newsletters. Such thing is effective to catch people’s attention and to offer them actions you want them to do on your website.

The basic knowledge of WordPress and coding allows you to install plugins that you need. If someone is not a confident user of it, you can always get the help from our VAfromEurope Team.

]]> 0 Our Customers’ Requests (Part 3) Tue, 11 Apr 2017 10:26:44 +0000 Read more »]]> Our Customers’ Requests (Part 3)

Following a series of articles about our everyday tasks, we continue to share with you our experience. This article covers advertising and promoting social networks.

The other our client deals with baking business (cakes, cupcakes), not producing, just posting various content in order to increase followers and promote pages in different social networks (FB,TW, Instagram). So, she reached our company in order to get help with promoting her business.

What were our client’s requests?

  • Promoting pages by increasing followers, likes and comments;
  • Looking for and choosing appropriate videos;
  • Creating eye-catching images with baking quotes;
  • Follow and reply comments;
  • Increase an Excel table of baking sites (links);
  • Like and join other baking groups, pages;

How did we help our client?

  • Firstly, a specialist looked through and analyzed all the pages and posts. In order to have more likes, sharings and comments, it’s necessary to identify your target audience and time for posting.So, the specialist defined the most appropriate time and number of posts for social networks. For each network it’s different.(e.g FB&TW – 3 posts a day, Instagram – 2-3 post per day). There were 3 different posts a day (1image, 1 video, 1 recipe).
  • To attract more people to like and join the community/page, the specialist chose the most common and interesting videos.
  • Then, the specialist created original images, using Canva or Photoshop, adding baking quotes to make them more noticeable.
  • In order to be in touch with followers and the people, who liked your page, it’s needed to comment posts and reply them.
  • Our client had an Excel table of baking website links, and we had to add the new ones in order to have new content for posting.
  • For having activity, comments on your page or community, it’s necessary also like and in other groups, in such a way increasing your followers or clients.

In consequence of our work, our client got more likes and comments in all social networks, all the pages are more visited, posts are shared and liked. It allowed the client to get target audience and receive more effectiveness from the business.

]]> 0 Social Media Marketing: 10 Rules For How To Succeed Thu, 23 Mar 2017 16:14:39 +0000 Read more »]]> Social Media Marketing

Starting work with social media without any serious experience may be a difficult task. The key point is to understand the basics of social media marketing so that you can use its power for raising your client base drastically. Follow these 10 rules to build a solid foundation of your success: from increasing quality to improving your entry points, which will have a positive impact on your customers, your company and – the last but not the least – your profit.

1. The art of listening

Remember, listening is more important than talking about content and social media marketing. For being able to produce truly valuable content and kindle discussions that add worth rather than confusion to your audience’s lives, the first step you have to be aware of their scope of interest. Browse your target clients’ web content and take part in conversations to learn more about things, important to them.

2. Stay focused

It’s preferably to be a highly specialized expert than a jack-of-all-trades. A purposeful marketing strategy aimed to create a powerful brand is more likely to be successful than an extensive strategy “everything for everybody”.

3. Quality first

People say quality every time trumps quantity. Would you prefer to have 1000 users, who actually read, spread and discuss your product with their audiences or a few thousand connections that vanish after clicking on your link for the first time?

4. Grow your patience

Success, especially in social media and content marketing industry, doesn’t happen overnight. You may try to catch lightning in a bottle, but normally you’d better prepare yourself for the long ride before achieving satisfying results.

5. Look for compounding

You already know, how to attract quality followers, now make them work for you. If you manage to publish interesting, worth content, they will happily share it in their own profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, tell people about you in their own blogs etc.

The more people talk about your content, the more they share and the more entry points are being opened for searching systems like Google to search out by keywords. It may end up in hundreds and thousand ways for more people to find you on the Internet.

Social Media Marketing: 10 rules for how to  succeed

6. Make influence

Spend a good amount of time on looking for online celebrities in your market who already have a wide quality audience and may be interested in your services and products. Connect with such people and try to build relationships between you and them.

If they notice you and find you a reliable, attractive source of helpful information, they are likely to spread a word about your content among their own followers, which could open up new horizons for your business.

7. Value your value

Don’t spend all your time on only promoting your services and products, because people get bored and eventually stop listening. You want to add more value in what you do. Pay more attention to creating engaging content and growing your relationships with influential people. Gradually, they will become a driving force of word-of-mouth promoting of your business.

8. Acknowledge people

Don’t ignore people who reach out to you online. Vast relationships network is one of the most important parts of social media marketing, and you never know who of these people are your key to success.

9. Be accessible

You must be easy to reach by your audience. Online readers are capricious and they won’t hesitate too long to replace you, if you’re absent for a few months or even weeks. Don’t let them forget you, publish new content frequently and actively participate in discussions.

10. The law of reciprocity

People tend to pay one in his own coin, so allocate some time you spend online on sharing other content and getting involved in their conversations. Don’t expect users to promote your products if you don’t show interest in what they do.

]]> 1 Our Customers’ Requests (Part 2) Sat, 04 Mar 2017 16:17:51 +0000 Read more »]]> Our Customers’ Requests (Part 2)

We continue the series of articles about our daily tasks. In this one, we want to share with you one more example of what we deal with.

Our client – a research company that produces analysis of enterprise technology products, services, and markets.They often provide webcasts, do different researches and write articles with updated information. To do great job and conduct business, a company needs to be active in a wide variety of areas – social media, contacting potential customers, promoting different events and new articles. With the process of company’s growth and prosperity, it needs more specialists to help in these tasks.
So, they contacted VAfromEurope and our task is to help a client with all needed issues.

What are the main tasks:

TASK 1. Use WordPress to post articles and infographics on the websites. All client’s websites have to be active and updated. It includes posting articles each day, search new information on related topics and post them as infographics.

TASK 2. Promote articles and websites on social media. Active websites are good, but people have to get acknowledged about them. So, it requires a work with social media to advertise company’s work and new researches.

TASK 3. Create email blasts and newsletters to promote different events and webcasts. As a client often provides different events, there is a need to invite people to join. In this way, it is a process of creating templates and working with mass mailing.

TASK 3. Work with files of leads, who were participants in the events; to search data
about them and create a completed files with all needed information about people.

What has to be done and what skills are required?

1. A specialist of WordPress is needed to cope with tasks as creating website’s blocks and posting different content. It has to be an everyday task in order to have an active website.

2. A person who is an expert of promoting social media has to work with posting a content to client’s pages and to increase the number of followers. It also requires a lot of time to reach the point of success, when the social media page is popular and live (whether it is Twitter, Instagram or Facebook).

3. Constant Contact is used to create different templates for newsletters and eblasts. After the campaign is ready, it can be sent to different lists of people to promote client’s events.

4. A person with skills of data research, data entry, and data analysis is needed to complete the 4th task. Sometimes it’s not so easy to find all people of the list, and a specialist needs to know different tools and ways to get the required info.

As a result, a client has to be satisfied with all areas of his business. With such list of daily tasks, a company is becoming more popular, the researches and articles are posted, the websites are always updated, social media pages are active and interesting, upcoming events are promoted and all needed information is found and provided to a client.

We’ve created special templates to show the example of virtual assistant’s work in this project:

Our Customers’ Requests (Part 2)Our Customers’ Requests (Part 2)

We are very proud to work with clients, who grow with us and we are glad to be useful and involved in their success.

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