Google+ for small business – essential tips and routines

Google+ is a very necessary thing from the view of the content creation prospect for small businesses to develop, as it has many options and services for spreading information connected with your business, like advertising program Google AdWords, productivity suite Google Apps and website-traffic monitoring tool Google Analytics and creating steadily expanding audience. You’d better embrace Google+ and let it work for your needs effectively.

Google+ is more mature social network, compared to Facebook. It appeared later than Twitter and Facebook, really started in 2012. When people started to using Google+ they have already had Facebook with a messy stuff, silly cat’s pics and with this platform you get deeper, richer conversations, because people who are on there not using it for entertainment. Google+ community demands a deeper experience, high quality images, audio, related references to the information they get. Also, there is no cuts like in Facebook posts, limitation in symbols, so you can use as much place and as much symbols as you need to expand on your topic in a post.

As it has already mentioned, Facebook has too many distractions comparing to Google+. It takes too much money for ineffective advertising, approximately 2-3% of subscribers seeing posts and really likes the stuff that content creator releasing. If you want more – you have to pay more. It happens because people has too much liked pages and messages, and they can’t go on with this, getting overloaded with information, so they have to filter this information. In addition, usually people who are unfamiliar to the content are getting involved, even if they don’t want to, so they ignore your content.

Google+ has the solution of this problem – the idea of circles. This is the way in which you connect with people. As a content creator, you can assemble an audience within a circle, where you gathering people who are can be interested in your content, directly messaging them, adding bonus information, special links, notify specifically. On Facebook, you’re just publishing a post and hoping that it would reach people and that’s all unless you pay for more. Google+ can help you to increase the engagement level immediately.

There are different groups of people in circles, and you can filter out and mark those that are more or less valuable for you and get appropriate notifications. In this way you can regulate the priority of circles, so when you’re going to Google+ homestream you see the content you really want to see and nothing else. The work with circles for connecting and combining it all is very hard for one person, especially if you’re starting your business, and virtual assistant can solve this problem and get this under control.

Also, you can use a Circloscope tool – it takes every action that happens on a platform and displays like your hangout, and it telling that you want to create a circle with people who commented your live show. Therefore, you have an opportunity to share only with them your new information. You can personally thank these people if they left comments, and they like it, calling their friends and sharing, it’s the useful kind of interaction.

Don’t forget about the hashtags – they are very important. Hashtags are like the keywords in your blog, and making the search easier.

There are such things as profiles, communities and pages. And there are differences between them, so let’s define each of them below.

Profile is personal identification of a creator of content as a human being, it allows to go offtopic there. Brand page (Page) – is a homebase, you cannot talk there about something except your business, as it has the direct link to your website. They are connected and it does have a relationship with your website rate.

Communities – are actually a collection of conversations, like a group in a Facebook. But what is the difference – if you’re searching with Google some information which is connected with the name of the community, it’ll be #1 result in a search list. Community itself is a website and has it’s own URL. You can use different categories; there you can add links to relevant sources. They do rank and you can group them.

Thing you have to avoid to do on Google+ is linkdump. For example, three words in a link to your post, new post and a link and that’s all – this is wrong. You did this many times on the other social media resources, and you can do the same thing there, but you have to give people a reason to click on a link. Properly formatted post, adding a nice bold headline, using Italics for the matter description, then your link and hashtags and other mentions – this is the way to succeed and to get more shares and comments. Remember, that Google+ is not a quick through community. Obviously, you’ll wasting too much time on it, and virtual assistant can help you to take care of proper arrangement of the post not to let it bypass the attention of your audience!

You must be using rich media in your posts. Google+ give you opportunity to post really huge images, as this platform is integrated with the rich media and such images catch the attention of users. Don’t bother to use gifs too! Youtube videos link directly to Google+ as the Soundcloud podcasts can be listened there. You have all means to capture user’s attention, and if you don’t have media in your post it probably would bypass. In addition, if you are a Youtube creator, you can gather more views and comments on Youtube videos, because it goes right on the stream in Google+. To create images it is nice to use such resources as or Pinterest.

It’s also important to appreciate the time that works best on Google+ to post – at the beginning of the working day, but not too early, nearly 11 o’clock in the morning.

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