How to Get the Best from Your Facebook Marketing Campaign – VA’s Guide

If you are searching for some new possibilities to increase sales and ROI and to expand your business, consider Facebook marketing. Maybe you have tried Facebook marketing before, but your approach was not effective enough to show the overall potential you can get from Facebook marketing. Our virtual assistant prepared some information to improve your Facebook marketing strategies and get benefit from it. But first, let’s check why should you choose Facebook for your marketing efforts?

Today, Facebook has more than 1.4 billion which makes it the greatest social media platform on the planet. On Facebook, you can find 71% of all grown-up web users and 84% of US smartphone users. On average, the normal Facebook user burns through 53 minutes a day actively using Facebook. Among any other available social media, Facebook is three times greater. Considering the statistics on other social media networks, obviously social media marketing is a standout strategy among the best approaches to engage audience and find customers for the business.

The Facebook marketing strategy below prepared by virtual assistant includes the attraction of new customers method as well as the technique to increase sales among your current and existing customers.

The final strategy was produced from Segmenting Targeting Positioning model and had been customized to suit social media platforms best. It can be called Who Where What Model.

Define your target group: the Whom you are looking for?

Targeted audience

At the beginning of each marketing campaign, in our case, Facebook, you need to define your target group. Who are they? It is better, if you will give the most detailed answer you can. Your answer must include the main demographics analysis and objective markets.

Determine Where your target audience spend the time.


After defining your target group characteristics find out where does your target audience spending the most part of the time. You should take into account their interests, places to hang out with friends, shopping points. The places for socialization and spending money are what you need to know.

What(The strategy) you choose.


The final part is the hardest. You need to choose the strategy to interact with your target group. Things you’ve got to define are: what can you offer, when and where to do it best, the list of other products they may like, can you satisfy their immediate needs and are you able to make time sensitive propositions. The choose of the strategy at that stage will determine the future success of your marketing campaign, conversation ratio and CTR.

When all these stages are completed, the whole WWW model, which means you identified whom you are searching for, the points of interaction with your group of interest are found and all other components you have to follow the steps below.

Find your target audience via Facebook.

On Facebook there are many various approaches for such purpose. Watch through Facebook Groups according to the interests of your audience, Facebook Pages with likes and shares gained from your potential audience, Facebook Events, where your target group people may attend. Virtual assistant can carry out the whole research work for you!

Considering interests and the followings of your target group users, you can use many different kinds of Facebook research means with a purpose to find the target market you need. This works good both for a huge audience and for smaller target elements of your customers group.

When you have gained enough data on that topic about the user you’re going to interact with, the following step is to arrange a connection between you and your market group and convert them into your customers.

Customize your communication style.

The success of your communication with audience depends on the communication style you choose. Creating this style you need to talk in an understandable way for them about needs they’re interested in at the same time offering products they may want to purchase and services they may need. Customize your communication style to your target group, don’t forget about the visuals and language.

Your task is to create your brand’s community, and the size of this community will define the amount of money you’ll get. With this guide from virtual assistant, you can build a community around your brand, consisting of the people who will be engaged with your company culture, products and services and get benefit from Facebook marketing campaign. Also, you can hire virtual assistant to perform the most part of the Facebook Marketing tasks.

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