January Social Media Digest

Traditionally January is the month of post-holiday recovery, planning a business year, and testing. The vast majority of platforms launched or at least announced initial tests of their new features. Though there are some changes and updates that came into effect last month. Here are the hottest updates of January.  

Facebook updates Creator Studio 

At the beginning of the year, Facebook is trying to attract more attention to Stories. Stories highlights will choose a 20-second video clip from your whole video to be posted as a Facebook or Instagram Story so to draw attention to the whole video. The Creator Studio does not allow users to create or edit a highlighted segment, because it can only be chosen.  

Facebook has also updated its Creator Studio with a new Page Management Option to be able to see how your posts will appear in the Newsfeed.      

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Instagram redesigns Live Stream Schedule Display 

The option of scheduling Live itself is not new, but now it provides a new way to separate the process of creating a feed post from scheduling Live Stream. Your profile gets a badge, which provided additional information on the event when tapped. By tapping it followers can also subscribe to get notifications about the event. This update is an attempt to raise awareness around broadcasts and IG live to maximize exposure and reach.     

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LinkedIn expands its education tools 

LinkedIn expanded its Marketing Labs, which was first launched a year ago. In addition to five courses that help the marketers get a clear understanding of LinkedIn marketing tools, the platform rolled out three more: 

Building an Organic Presence with LinkedIn Pages 

– Building a Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy  

– Creative Design for LinkedIn  

Each course is designed in a thorough way providing plenty of insightful information and a check-up test after each of them. At the end of your learning path, each learner gets a certificate to be displayed on a profile or be downloaded in PDF. 

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  Twitter makes Spaces Recordings available for all users 

In January Twitter officially enabled Spaces recordings for all the users and platforms. This option provides extra value for Spaces because it can be used for multiple purposes. First, you need to enable the recording option during set-up. The users can see an indicator when the Space is being recorded and the record is available for playback for a month. The host can also download the audio to turn it into podcasts for further promotion.  

Twitter Spaces also got extra insights last month, which means a host gets an option of being able to see statistics on the total number of users, who tuned into a Live, and replays after that. Hopefully, it will provide extra info to help you plan your strategy. (More info:    

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Clubhouse strives to improve Room discovery 

Last month Clubhouse launched a new sharing option. Now “Share” button provides three options: 

– Share on Clubhouse 

– Share via a Social network 

– Share a link via messaging app 

Frankly speaking, it’s not much news, since Clubhouse rolled only the last option, while two others had been available before. This sharing option is a step towards finding a way to better discoveries within the app. 

Alongside this option, the platform also provided a new analytics tool that allows seeing share and clipping counts.  

What is more, Clubhouse also enabled web listening to let anyone tune into a room via cell or laptop without having to download an app.     

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Though last month was a month of recovery and adjustment, we’ve got new updates and trends to embrace. This world is so fast-paced that keeping abreast of the latest updates is no longer an option but rather a must. Subscribe to VAfromEurope monthly digest to keep updated.  

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