July Social Media Digest

Though the summer is inevitably approaching its end, July was pretty rich in new SM features, worth taking a closer look. Are you ready for that? 

Facebook adds new features for Group Admins 

The main new feature is “Group expert”, which helps people, loving to share their expertise, to stand out. From now and on Group Admins are given an option of assigning new badges to those people, asking them questions and involving them into group discussions. Some Facebook Group Admins will even be given a chance to search outside the Group in order to find relevant experts and involve them into discussions.  

One more useful feature last month was launched for Page Managers, who got ‘automatic invites’ option in order to send invitations to their most dedicated page followers.  

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Instagram provides Language Translation within Stories 

Instagram improves accessibility with the option of translating Story overlays in another language on the screen. IG Stories Translation Banner in the left upper corner supports over 90 languages for now, but only texts without an audio conversion. This feature might significantly help brands reach new markets with their promotions being instantly translated.      

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Instagram launches new Security Checkup Alerts 

For the sake of keeping users’ accounts safe Instagram provided new Security Checkups, which guide users through several security steps, like checking login activity etc. The platform is also going to allow using WhatsApp phone number for two-factor authentication. Instagram also reminds that it never sends direct messages, so most probably it’s a scam.   

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Instagram allows saving Stories as drafts 

In July all Instagram users were given an option of saving their stories as drafts within the application when leaving during the creation process. When leaving without finishing the notification will let you know that it will be there for a week for you, no longer. This minor feature will come in handy for Social Media managers, allowing them to create more comprehensive and post it at the optimal time.   

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Twitter updates Reply Controls 

Twitter has changed its Reply Control options. Previously users were given an option of restricting who could reply to their tweets to ‘Everyone’, ‘People you follow’ or ‘Only people you mention’ during the creation process. Now, after some consideration you can change the settings any time instead of deleting your tweet forever. Though, Twitter is social media, you’ve got the right to decide who’s commenting.    

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Twitter provides new Physical Security Keys 

Last month Twitter allowed using physical security keys as the only form of authentication. Those keys, being plugged into the USB drive or connected via Bluetooth, use FIDO and WebAuthn security standards and provide the strongest protectionThis extra layer of protection is capable of telling the trustworthy websites and those malicious ones apart even if the security key is used on the later ones.     

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TikTok launches “Shoutouts” Option 

Have you got enough TikTok coins, provided by the platform last year? The platform is striving to provide better and more lucrative options for its creators. In July TikTok provided an option of buying a personalized video message from star hosts to be sent to users. The creator is supposed to either accept or decline your Shoutout within three days and send a finalized video within a week. For now this option is pretty expensive, but the price is variable. In this way you can request a birthday wish or a pep talk etc. 

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TikTok connects recruiters and jobseekers 

Quite probably TitTok is your chance to find a good job. The platform initiated its Resume program in the US to help connect users with the open vacancies. The ones looking for a job will simply have to make a video that showcases their skills and upload it to the platform. #TikTokResumes tag is a must. link to your video can be provided on a special website, where you can apply to job openings.  

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Clubhouse teams up with TED 

In the middle of last month Clubhouse teamed up with TED to share some exclusive ideas from leaders and experts. TED has its official Clubhouse Club, which hosted a couple of rooms, other rooms were announced the following week. Such cooperation might give a significant boost to the platform. Besides that, Clubhouse is now available for everybody on iOS and Android.  

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Clubhouse lunches “Backchannel” messaging platform 

The platform has rolled out an exchanging messages option beyond live rooms. Backchannel allows chatting with one person as well as group chat, and an inbox for requests. A new messaging system provides more ways for the hosts to interact with their audience and for the users to chat with hosts and other users beyond rooms. That was actually a necessary step, for users had long been using third-party messengers for this purpose.      

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