Modern VA Services: How to Make a Right Decision

21 st century worldwide tech development goes hand in hand with a business boom as well as virtual assistant (VA) service being actively used by both experienced businesses and startups. On making up your mind to turn for certain virtual assistance, every businessman is bound to find themselves at the crossroads leading to a choice between a virtual assistant or a VA company. Actually, there always exists the third option concerning the issue: BPO Department of a software company. Feel at a loss? No worries, a short insight into the topic will definitely clear all the issues up.

A comparison chart provided is going to serve as a so-called ‘directory’ and to assist you in finding your perfect virtual assistant.


Evidently, your final decision depends on the very tasks you plan to delegate as well as your priorities and financial expectations. Both the character and the scope of the perspective offhand duties and processes are bound to have a direct influence on a final choice concerning the virtual assistant being best for you.

Our VAfromEurope team, being a BPO department of a software company, is characterized by wider scalability and flexibility than the other two options. We provide various services for different businesses while practicing flexible cooperation models together with ongoing technical support.

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