September Social Media Digest

Meeting once a month is a good tradition, isn’t it? We are back again with a new set of Social Media Updates that rolled out in September.

Facebook provides more information on paid promotions

Facebook is striving to provide extra advertiser information on business location, page followers, check-ins, etc. In September some users started seeing a horizontal scrolling bar under the ad. This feature aims at weeding out potential scammers. As a part of the anti-scammer program, Facebook also added more info on “Why am I seeing this?”, which explains how the targeting information was obtained. We hope it will add extra legitimacy to the advertising process.

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Facebook makes Login Connect with Messenger available

This feature has been tested for some time and last month all businesses officially got this option. From now and on Facebook Messenger is a log-in option on the website, if it chooses to add it. This feature allows building a better relationship and provides stronger customer care. Now it becomes even more important, since many customers choose to go out of tracking, which reduces targeting capacity. The initial Facebook testing has shown high response rate, which means businesses will get an extra tool for improving customer engagement.

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Twitter experiments with Shopping

With its eCommerce push, Twitter added a new “Purchases” tab. As of now, it is closely tied to the “Super Follows” feature since it shows all the subscriptions or tickets, bought through the application. This tab is actually a place, where, supposedly, the Platform is going to list all the products, purchased through the app. While it’s not there yet, Twitter is testing a new product showcase within a small number of businesses in the US. Most likely, Twitter will push it as hard as possible for new features to be released by the Christmas rush.

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‘Super Follow’ Monetization Option is now available on Twitter

Last month Twitter officially launched this option. As of now, users can be charged a monthly fee for the exclusive “behind-the-scenes” content from the selected creators. In this way, the platform is trying to prompt the most popular creators’ activity and creativity. A new feature allows setting up a monthly fee as $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99. After signing up for this the creators will get an option of sharing their tweets to this selected audience or as usual. This option became available for some selected users within the US and Canada for now.

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Instagram is looking to facilitate Cross-App Connection

Last month Instagram officially allowed connecting WhatsApp Business account and Instagram. By doing so businesses can now add a WhatsApp button to their Instagram Business profiles in order to provide another way to connect with brands. A recent survey has shown that more than 75% of adults prefer engaging with brands through messaging platforms, which means adding one more option is a good step. Besides that, businesses will be able to target their audience and prompt messaging through the app.

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LinkedIn launches “Office Hours”

LinkedIn Learning Platform has faced a significant boost amid the pandemic, that’s why the platform added a new option. Last month Learning instructors got the option of hosting live events. Besides that, learners can now post questions, comments, and reactions in real-time. In this way, professionals will get the capacity of growing their own brands and enlarging their audiences. In other words, “Office Hours” provides a great networking opportunity we’ve been missing for a long time.

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