Social Media Influence Our Lives Far More Than You Think – Statistics

Social media is becoming more and more influential in modern world, covering all spheres of life, and making social media incredibly useful for business. If you are hesitating to hire “virtual assistant”, here are some statistics about the efficiency of social media nowadays:

96% of Millenials, who overcounted Gen X by 2010, have joined a social network

Social Media gained more popularity than porn as the prior activity on the Internet

1of 8 married couples last year in the U.S. found each other with the help of social media

How many years it took to gain 50 millions Users for: iPhone applications – 9 months and 1 billion of users, Facebook – 100 million in less than 9 months, iPod -3 years, Internet – 4 years, 13 years for TV and 38 for Radio.

To compare Facebook by population amount with a country it would be the 4th between the USA and Indonesia, not to mention Facebook is growing even further, freshly reported 300 million users.

It is known that Facebook is banned in China, and some sources published information that population of China’s QZone totals over 300 million users, which is more than Facebook’s

Russian’s has the largest audience with users involved in – they spend 6.6 hours viewing 1,307 pages per visitor in a month – comScore announced.

Mainly, online students made more progress than those, who is studying at a class according to the study of US Department of Education in 2009.

1 out of 6 students of high school are registered with online curriculum

80% of companies use LinkedIn as #1 tool to hire new staff.

The slice of women at age 55-65 on Facebook accelerating faster than others.

The amount of followers of Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres (together) on Twitter is more than the population of Panama, Ireland or Norway.

Users of Twitter have the possibility to update anytime and anywhere they want, so 80% of Twitter usage is outside of it. In this way companies gaining information easily, including bad customer experiences.

New generations regarded e-mail as an outdated thing. For example, Boston College students refused exchanging e-mail addresses with newcomers.

Anything that happened would be fixed on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube.

YouTube is the second most popular search service in the world.

Some of the researchers say that Wikipedia is more detailed than Encyclopedia Britannica, it has over 13 million articles and 78% of them are not in English.

Over 200,000,000 blogs are registered and 54% of bloggers posting content daily.

Over 200,000,000 blogs are registered and 54% of bloggers posting content daily.

Social media boosted the speed of communication, so the information spreading very quickly all around the world.

You would be paid $156.23 per hour if you were given $1 for each time an article was set in Wikipedia.

The translation of Facebook into Spanish from English was held in less than 4 weeks by Facebook users via Wiki for free.

25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content

34% of bloggers use to release their conclusion on labels and items.

Companies regarding public opinion about their products and services more than Google ranking of it.

78% of people takes into account advices of their coevals while only 14% of consumers trust ads

18% of traditional TV campaigns gives positive return on investment.

With the help of TiVo 90% of people can create advertisments.

Hulu gained 373 million total streams in April 2009 since April 2008, when it has just 63 million.

25% of Americans watched a short video on their phone in the past month.

Jeff Bezos reported that 35% of books sold on Amazon were bought for the Kindle e-book.

Most of the largest newspapers (24 out of 25) registered the extreme fall of turnovers because we don’t need to find news, we’re surrounded by them.

Soon, products will be offered to us with social media so we wouldn’t have to look for it.

Over 1.5 million of web content like links, notes, media, news, blog posts daily shared via Facebook.

Prosperous companies in social media use to analyze public opinion and audience before creating content, they behave like aggregators, and content providers, and this differs them from traditional advertisers.

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