Social Media Marketing Time-Saving Tips from Virtual Assistant

Study by LinkedIn showed that most of small businesses in the USA use social media for marketing purposes and 60% of them assert that with the help of social media they attracted new customers.

Nowadays, it turns out that inevitable part of successful business is the growing presence on social media. This research confirmed such fact with statistics: 91% of hyper-developing small businesses increased brand awareness and the number of clients via social media.

Consequently, such success is a product of many hours spent for social media marketing campaign, and VerticalResponse research vividly shows this:

Per week, more than 43% of SMBs spend about 6 hours per day on their social media marketing campaigns and third part of them release posts few times a week. Moreover, other third part posts ones a day, but the most time-consuming activity in social media marketing is to find the right content.

For the most of small enterprises, each extra worker means extra cost. As a result, each SMB entrepreneur seeks how to reduce time expended for social media marketing, although it is important for the business to succeed.

Virtual assistants are used to work with SMB for social media marketing purposes, that’s why they know a lot about it and have some tricks how to get more from hours spent on social media marketing. Here are some tips from proficient virtual assistants:


Weekly meeting

Usually, SMBs marketing crew consists of two people, while one of them is the owner. Of course, two minds work better than one, but if you want your team to produce fresh ideas while brainstorming, you need to arrange meetings with huge groups. In case you can’t hire extra staff, you can involve people from different departments connected with sales, so that such ideas will cost nothing for you. Arrange such meetings at least once a week.



Other crucial moment for social media marketing is to discover new trends and use them for your profit. Keeping up your content with trending topics would help you to get more shares via social media and catch more public attention. To know what’s trending on the Internet use BrandWatch and Google Trends tools, take part in the discussions with commenting trending topics on popular accounts to make audience visit your accounts.


Content creation

Many entrepreneurs are used to live with the feeling that they’re failing to complete everything they planned, but such permanent state usually leads to depression and exhaustion. So, the solution is to outsource some of your tasks. You have to define what do you want to post, find some writers on sources for freelancers, for example, Outsource, and use the tool Due to estimate the work of the writer for the fair payment.


share posts

There’s no such obligation to post everything created only by your team. It usually happens with social media content that the most popular posts are curated posts – repins, reposts or retweets. There’s no shame in reposting other’s content, which is appropriate for your audience. Of course, you have to check the source. Such tools as StumbleUpon can help you to find the nice content considering your sphere. Such tip can lower your costs and save the precious hours for time-consuming content creation process.


scheduling tools

The other time-consuming activity of social media marketing campaign is the procedure of posting the content. There are special tools for such routine, which you can use! These tools give you the possibility to post the content synchronously for different platforms in a moment. In addition, they offer the option to create a plan for the content posting in future. There is a huge scope of such tools, for example, HootSuite or Buffer, you just have to choose the best for you. Planning content posting will help you to keep the constant content flow and the audience engagement.



Don’t forget about your oldie, but goodie posts! These posts have already worked well for you and were highly estimated by your audience. They can be posted again, just make some changes with the purpose to update and to keep them in the flow of current interests of your audience, but don’t overdo.

As you can see, there are many ways to save your time and increase the efficiency of your social media marketing efforts. What you need to do is to plan, refresh the content you have, outsource and gain fresh ideas with involving more people to the process. Also, you can hire a virtual assistant, who is already confident in all social media marketing routines. Use these tips from proficient virtual assistants , and you’ll see how well this works for your

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