VA And Google Maps Simplify Business Trips

You have a lot of contacts and you visit many conferences every year? You have a business trip ahead and don’t have time for travel planning and other little things? So let me tell you how Virtual Assistants and Google Maps can help you manage your business trip and organize your schedule.

Create your own Google Map

VA can create your own Google Map and add there all the contacts directly from your Google Contacts.

Add places and search results

Save and map important places by searching for locations or drawing them directly on your map.

Add lines and shapes

Add lines and shapes to your map that will help tracing your road trip, or box off places of your interest.

Add photos and more to your map

Add and edit extra information. For example, add text notes about places on the map, attach photos or videos to it, etc.

Create custom icons

Add your own icons for map placemarks, if you would like to use an image that is not available. For example, add an icon that represents your store to mark locations on the map.

Style individual places, lines, and shapes

Style individual places by highlighting the color content on your map. For example, style a map of your business meeting places.

Save directions on My Maps

Save your walking directions, then share them with others, or use them later on the go from your phone with My Maps mobile application for Android.

 Google Map

Once your map is created, you can get access to it from any device as long as you have online connection or pre-load the offline version of the map. Also, you can share your map to public, what is useful if you, for example, are organizing an event and you want to precisely point your attendees in the right direction.

Google Maps is both easy and customizable application that can help you in your schedule organization and business trip managing.

Whether you are an organized person, who needs some help in planning, or you do not like all these organizational issues, anyway, contact Virtual Assistants.

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