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If you follow our blog, you are aware that in our recent articles, we have already discussed how we started our Call Centre from scratch, our core working strategy line and phone systems we prefer in the course of the cooperation process.  

As a Customer Support direction has been witnessing a rapid growth lately, there has arisen one more essential point calling for discussion: EHR (electronic healthcare records)/EMR (electronic medical records) software platforms. Yes, the cloud systems nowadays are something every business is perfectly aware of and, what is more, actively using to make the venture more efficient, coherent and customer focused. There are a good number of opportunities to jump at with a properly chosen medical EMA that will resonate with you and your business.  

What about the sphere of Customer Support? What place does it occupy in the EMA systems modern market? To be more precise, the idea of the article has resulted from the fact that Call Center services are super tightly customer-connected and customer-oriented ones, so the platforms preferred and, consequently, chosen have to be paid special attention to.  

In each country, medical clinics use different EMA systems. Such systems in their majority are automated platforms oriented at certain medical specialties. We have experience working with medical clinics and EMA systems in the fields of ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology, urology, rheumatology… 

This experience allows us to quickly master any system, regardless of the direction as well as to understand the approaches, requirements and capabilities of a system and assistants who work with it. More precisely, the virtual assistant has a solid background for customer support handling, the very medical direction and is well aware of the main tools, functions and features of such medical systems. Each of our assistants passes HIPAA training  and certification (needed for US market) to add to his/her professionalism considerably. 

Currently, VAfromEurope Customer Support handles a number of medical clinics and thus operates several EHR/EMR systems to be mentioned and concisely described below. 


Free Trial: 30 days. 

Pricing: starting at $199 per provider per month. 

It is a 100% cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) with a range of benefits both for the patients and for administration: 

  • perfect customization (e.g. clinical documents); 
  • time-saving (online scheduling, automated appointments, etc.); 
  • full integration (e.g. with billing software); 
  • completely HIPAA-compliant portal; 
  • advanced mobile application; 
  • and many more. 

Additional Support: 

  • free access to students; 
  • a freemium model for small offices to start their activity with basic EHR for free; 
  • a native app for the IPad and iPhone. 

With DrChrono, you come into a good chance to get an innovative care deliverance through perfect patient engagement, seamless performance workflow and more than twenty specialties being tailored in one web-based platform. It has been serving tens of thousands of doctors and more than 17 million patients. 


Free Demo: 9-minute free demo. 

Pricing: starts at $140 per provider per month. 

Here you are another cloud-based EHR system to promote your business efficiency and improve medical care as a whole. It is a working platform for 70000 medical providers in the US

What is Athenahealth all about? It is above all: 

  • intuitive; 
  • easy to use; 
  • it streamlines the encounter process significantly. 


  • mobile capabilities; 
  • telehealth 
  • interoperability; 
  • care coordination; 
  • medical billing, etc. 

Dedicated Support: 

  • value-based healthcare programs; 
  • ongoing training; 
  • comprehensive onboarding; 
  • 24/7 emergency support; 
  • available through emailing and phone. 

Athena is perfectly integrated with a good number of specialties and, what is even more important, the company partners with healthcare organizations to drive both clinical and financial results. 


Free Demo: yes. 

Pricing: not provided by the vendor.

Nextech EMR (Electronic Medical Records) by Nextech systems is a cloud-based service we believe to rank high. It is designed for Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery mainly. So, logically, its benefits are as follows: 

  • customizable formats, forms and templates; 
  • specialty-oriented (specific) content; 
  • integrated and robust PM software that in its turn means: 
  • automated scheduling and optimizing medical billing; 
  • patients’ records simplifying. 

Separately, it is worth mentioning Nextech Patient Portal Service for the patients to get secure and informative communication with their healthcare units. The Portal guarantees: 

  • access of enhanced security to the patients’ previous history, appointments, etc. 
  • dedicated iPad application provides a real-time interactive dashboard and simple navigation. 

The EMR service is HIPAA-compliant, and thus, it is making it highly resistible to loss, hacker attacks, theft, natural disasters and alike. 

Maintenance and Tech Support includes: 

  • high-tech Toolbox (managing new concepts, development assistance, turn-key solutions); 
  • Embedded/IOT Ecosystem (simple, fast and secure installation and remote devices connection); 
  • Mobile and Embedded Ecosystem (allows for: reporting, communicating, management, recording, analytics, etc.). 

Free Trial: 14 days, with no credit card needed. 

Pricing: starts at $99 per month (implementation, training, customer support).

Practice Fusion is believed to be one of the largest EHR platforms in the USA with approx. 30,000 medical practices of better healthcare deliverance to 5 million patients per month

Services offered: 

  • pharmacies; 
  • clinical labs; 
  • various health systems; 
  • imaging centers and alike. 

Benefits provided for both doctors and patients: 

  • automatic updates; 
  • flexible billing systems; 
  • free patent portal; 
  • tailored workflow; 
  • integration support; 
  • and many more. 

The platform provides to its users Dedicated Support that comprises: 

  • completely automated implementation; 
  • great support on business hours online; 
  • additional resources on demand. 

Free Demo: yes. 

Pricing: not provided by vendor, subscription. 

Modmed Dermatology is among the most popular mobile EHR/EMA systems alike. The platform is perfect to be used on IPad, with an innovative touchscreen approach to cloud EMR systems. It is a so-called EMR healthcare IT suite, which includes Analytics, Pathology, Practice Management and others. 

Among the resources offered, there can be found: 

  • webinars; 
  • articles/blog/FAQs/events; 
  • videos; 
  • stories of success; 
  • guides for learning. 

Benefits provided: 

  • high intuition for seamless adaptation processes; 
  • comprehensive database building possibility; 
  • informative and customizable reporting; 
  • detailed inventory tracking; 
  • and many more. 

Dedicated Support includes: 

  • free patient portal; 
  • telehealth; 
  • patient Surveys; 
  • self-scheduling and self-management options for patients; 
  • reminders. 


The above mentioned EHR/EMR services are highly customizable, completely automated as well as secure and convenient for patients as well as customer support. They are available for different medical specialties and their pricing includes installation, training, customer support and data modification processes on your demand. What is more, all of them mentioned are HIPAA-compliant and perfectly integrated with other software systems in use. One more point of importance is the quality and functionality of the customer support on the very system’s side: for instance, whether it allows additional functional or your personal assistant adding. The above-mentioned platforms are quite good with that as well.  

IMPORTANT: In order to make the issue maximally informative and clear, the above presented EMA systems report is based on our practical experience; we have discussed here the very systems we have worked with but it is not a single problem for us to switch to other tools and master them in no time. 

Consequently, feel free to contact our virtual assistants on other business vectors customer support as well to promote your business with. Our agents have solid expertise while working with various systems and it will not take them long to master new ones.  

TIP: As practice shows, it frequently happens that a company wants to change a CRM system. For sure, a virtual assistant can help you with that process as this is one of our responsibilities. However, you should be aware of the fact that the very process of data transmission is rather a time-, money- and effort consuming task as the very personal data is highly sensitive and under HIPAA (US) or GDPR (Europe) protection.   

The BPO agency that works with a team of employees directly in the office, besides  working with the existing system, will be able to provide the client with a data transfer service if you need to change the EMA.  

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