Some call them superhumans, we call them VAs

The virtual assistant is not only an employee – he or she is your strong support and reliable fellow to handle all routine tasks you have. He is like your virtual secretary who is always in eyeshot, but does not require a place in the office and works even more efficiently.

You can accomplish many things with our virtual specialists: to hire virtual secretary, virtual executive assistant, data entry specialist, virtual social media manager or administrative assistant and so on.

What can our virtual assistants do for you?

Administrative Support

Administrative Support

The day has not started yet, but your smartphone is bursting with numerous things – fifty emails during last 12 hours, to-do list reminders, upcoming meetings, tickets not booked yet… Sometimes to start working you should spend two hours to accomplish the planning.

Virtual administrative assistant is a perfect way to handle that.

We can provide any kind of administrative support:

  • screening your email inbox
  • setting up appointments and to-do list reminders
  • coordinating meeting times
  • booking locations for off-site meetings
  • sending out invitations
  • creating the agenda

And never mind about travel planning (booking reservations, handling cancellations). That’s our job.

Data Entry

Data Entry

Are you are in search of someone to perform rather tedious and time-consuming data input into databases and spreadsheets? Look further. Experienced virtual data entry specialists brings two fundamental qualities to this work: speed and accuracy. Outsourcing is now a global trend.

And you can focus on your business growth instead of these repetitive and more than often necessary things which are data entry, logging or updating.

Our data entry specialists are the best in:

  • entering different data
  • setting up and managing spreadsheets and databases
  • preparing reports
  • compiling and analyzing information
  • arranging digital records
Social Media Management

Social Media Management

What a pity that a Facebook is not like a tree – you have planted it and then enjoy fruits.

To become a social media rock star you always have to update your information. Our Virtual Assistant will help you to manage that stuff.

Smart and super-gabby virtual assistants from Europe will manage your social media profiles:

  • posting to multiple platforms
  • monitoring product mentions
  • scheduling messages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • responding to inbound social messages and customer inquiries
  • driving traffic to your brand while engaging with potential customers
Web Research

Web Research

Don’t you know what happened in your field over a week? Your competitors already do and will faster to tell that during a board of directors meeting. People have already gained a profit from human resources outsourcing.

The virtual secretary has utilized his or her first-hand experience in order to:

  • collect and analyze data
  • perform qualitative and quantitative research
  • prepare presentations and reports
  • entry data and update databases

Whether you need some basic research done to fact-check or see if a service or product you intend to launch will pan out or you are looking for more substantial analysis to make your marketing materials more credible, we are here for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Do not let your competitors run the show! Allow virtual assistants to apply well proven strategies, techniques and tactics to secure your website high-ranking position in the search engine results page. Users hardly ever click through a maze of search results pages which means that achieving a better ranking and improving chances to be visited by potential clients is your key priority and our immediate task. It involves:

  • web programming expertise alongside business
  • SEO-audit
  • writing and content optimization
  • link-building
  • competitors monitoring
  • articles outreach
Website Administration

Website Administration and Content Management

Your website utilizes too many efforts, and you do not want to rely on a freelancer or hire a full day worker? Time-consuming assignments like those performed by data entry specialist, but significant to stay in tune. Virtual assistants from Ukraine will:

  • create brochure layouts
  • edit and proofreading
  • transcribe
  • add changes to general site content
  • prepare new blog posts or pages
  • respond to blog comments
  • include video or image uploads, news and event announcements
  • modify site navigation
  • and do much more
Web Development

Web Development

We cater to your needs and seek to meet your expectations for a high quality website that realizes its full potential and allows you to grow your business. Once you decide to outsource engineers to your future website development, you don’t have to look any further. With top quality software engineers who have been working in IT outsourcing industry around 20 years, you will get the highest quality at attractive prices.

And More


Do not feel discouraged having failed to find among services those that you are in dire need of using. The list is hardly exhaustive, our virtual assistants can do much more, your most repetitive time-consuming tasks that keep nagging at you. Yes, outsourcing really works. Just send us an assignment with detailed instructions and be sure to hear from us within a few hours.

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