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European Virtual Assistant Agency provides a range of customer support services to choose from:

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It is time to think about your personal Virtual Assistant when:

  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed with your workload
  • You wish to cut the expenditures on specialists employment
  • You need to make sure that not a single important detail slips your mind
  • You prefer to pay for actual time a virtual assistant spends on completing the task and not for water-cooler chats or coffee breaks
  • You’d rather avoid extra expenses on renting an office, purchasing equipment, and managing salaries
  • You long to free yourself from routine and non-core tasks
  • You are eager to complete your projects faster
  • You need a many-in-one person who will do various administrative tasks – from replying to your emails to managing your website and social media profiles

We Are Your Business Strategy For Success


Our team of professionals from Europe with profound expertise and Western mindset will add value to your business.

We perform customized market analyses and master our skills to keep our finger on the pulse of trends and expectations of busy business professionals. Virtual Assistants from EVAA are thereupon carefully trained, vetted and selected to be the real asset to our clients who struggle to accelerate and optimize their business-running processes by sharing their ever-increasing workload; who delegate routine tedious time-consuming tasks to offload their staff members; who strive to earn productive time to focus on their core tasks; who need tasks completed on time; who would rather cut the expenses on staffing and training than build them up by hiring new employees and way much more….

Yet, what matters most is the life full of opportunities no one wants to miss out on being plastered to the wall with an ever-expanding list of annoying routine non-core tasks and tilted work-life balance.

If you need your heavy to-do lists handled rapidly and efficiently, and that list includes data entry and management, web research, word processing, customer relationship management, social media management, search engine optimization, website content writing and updating, web development or other back-office duties, you can always choose to contract our dedicated virtual assistant.

Moreover, while outsourcing to virtual assistants from EVAA you get even better end of the deal: international standards, high-end specialists, cultural similarities, Western mentality, innovative thinking, efficiency, speed, flexibility, creativity and more.

Attractive prices and high quality service define our business approach but what really reinforces it is our client-oriented cooperation model. We strongly believe that each business is unique, every customer deserves special treatment and every task requires an individual approach no matter the complexity. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a team of virtual support professionals in a way to fill every market niche that is currently in demand and meet the wide variety of customer needs.




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