Web Research

Web Research has claimed to be an integral part of any successful venture start of every type and specifics. A detailed investigation of your target market and audience along with a careful review of your competitors will definitely serve as best practice while a high-quality end-product image creating. Consequently, the business world uses web research to boost its competitiveness and keep up with the latest changes and innovations. The Web is believed to be a virtual place full of valuable information to be tracked, analyzed, and applied in a proper and profitable way. Our VAfromEurope service, Virtual Research Assistants namely, will be of great help to every business, either a starter or an experienced one, to use the web resources to the fullest.

So, what kind of research are we doing?
  • Market and industry research While running a business, one of the first priority issues will be to become aware of your target market peculiarities as well as create your own risk estimation and risk management tactics. Our virtual research assistants are ready for a detailed analysis both of the market and industry to be done personally for you and, consequently, will help you to find your most favorable niche to keep up with your competitors or even get ahead of them.
  • Searching for Leads and Partners is another essential activity we offer. Every successful entrepreneurship is close and fruitful cooperation and collaboration between vendors and customers. Nevertheless, there commonly exists a supplier, one more business branch, which is the last but not the least one, though. Virtual Research Assistant is oriented at looking for reliable suppliers and prospective customers to fuel your venture considerably.
  • Web research on a pool of prospective candidates We are working with the first stage of recruitment. Qualified candidates for managing positions often happen to be in great demand nowadays. The war for talent is rather time- and effort-consuming issue. Frequently, employers are searching for proper candidates through different channels. Remote research assistants can help to create a pool of candidates that meet job requirements or conduct background research.
  • Real Estate Research Rent offices, Coworking, conference rooms… and much more.
What are the advantages of hiring a virtual research assistant?

Nowadays, the internet has considerably facilitated the way of doing a web analysis depending on what you are searching for and what is your vision of a desirable result.

Our virtual assistants for research utilize their first-hand experience in order to

  • DotsСollect and analyze data
  • DotsPerform qualitative and quantitative research
  • DotsPrepare presentations and reports
  • DotsEnter data and update databases


With Us, you will come across a number of benefits:

  • Cutting the overhead cost of staff, data management, and payroll
  • Getting spare time for a variety of other a way more creative and useful moments for boosting one’s business while outsourcing your data entry workload to our VAs
  • Quality and accuracy of service along with fair pricing and flexibility
  • Boosting productivity and work efficiency by driving more traffic to your website and making your business recognizable
  • Undoubted increase in security and reliability

Take back your time!

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