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About us

Who we are

Our story is simple. Сlients who tried outsourcing web and mobile development to our company Agiliway have been impressed with the quality and efficiency of the work done by our remote workers from Ukraine. Subsequently, many of them requested a remote team to deal with other tasks – content writing, data entry, administrative assistance and much more. Therefore we decided to launch this project. We are the virtual assistant service from Europe.

Who is a virtual assistant? It is a remotely employed specialist, always on the line via Internet or phone to do any business assignments. It is a kind of magic wand to take all your routine tasks away.

Just imagine: you get up in the morning, all your emails are already reviewed and sorted out, so you open and reply only to the worthy ones. Arriving at your office, you already have an important well-structured analysis that helps you to make a decision. Prior to a presentation to top-managers, you get clear speech with all core points covered as if it has just been written by you personally.

Meet Our Team

Sounds good? Better in practice. Experienced virtual assistant service from Ukraine performs that perfectly.

Your personal assistant overseas is waiting for you!

Core principles of our approach

European mentality

It is better to hire a contract employee who thinks the way you do. Our remote workers completely understand and support you. Be sure to have the most suitable people on board.

Information Security Warranty

The NDA and Confidential Information Access Agreement are signed by legal entity and governed by US law, so whatever you entrust us – is protected. We also use particular software to secure the data sent via the Internet.

Well-coordinated team of dedicated virtual assistants

Our virtual employees run like a clockwork – everyone in his/her place to do all significant tasks efficiently. Ask for a personal assistant, or data entry specialist, or administrative virtual assistant – and you will hire a remote employee who is perfect in his/her field.

Service Continuity

We are responsible for proper task-fulfillment. Come what may, we always have a virtual assistant specialist on duty. Therefore, you will consistently have your tasks done no matter what.

Affordable Pricing

To meet your expectations, we do not charge any extra fees and set fair pricing. Ukrainian virtual assistant service is the ideal balance between quality and cost. And you also do not worry about taxes, social security, and Medicare – it’s up to us to think about our workers.

Higher Education Degree Specialists

Mainly – with diplomas cum laude. It is because we should provide the best virtual assistant service

Our Clients

What Our Clients say

Take back your time!

Render professional virtual assistance with the full-fledged business process. Plot your path to Success