Plans & Prices

Our four-tier pricing model has been developed to give our customers viable choices and cover different needs as to the frequency of use, a volume of orders, commitment levels, add-on features. An array of features is laid out in a pricing table so that our customers can easily self-select one of our four monthly billing plans mindful of their needs and aspirations

Choose one of our monthly plans and rest assured that you’ll receive the best of service

ENTRY$99 10 hours/monthThe package works best for the start of cooperation when you need to try more VA services before making a decision regarding the types of services for cooperation
$ 9,9 hourly rate
Up to 2 hours per day
Start work immediately

BASIC$198 20 hours/monthWorks best for busy professionals who need some periodic help or just start outsourcing routine tasks
$ 9,9 hourly rate
Up to 2 hours per day
Start work immediately

SMALL$360 40 hours/monthIs a good bet for business owners who have a limited number of regular tasks and no time to go about them
$ 9,0 hourly rate
Up to 4 hours per day
Free setup meeting

PART-TIME$640 80 hours per monthWorking excellent for small companies and startups teams looking for adding support to their staff by reducing their ever-increasing workload
$ 8,0 hourly rate
Up to 6 hours per day
Free setup meeting

PART-TIME PLUS$900 120 hours per monthPackage is useful for clients who need help more than 4 hours per day and have a lot of tasks but don`t need a Full time VA
$ 7,5 hourly rate
Up to 7 hours per day
Free setup meeting

FULL-TIME$1120 160 hours per monthIs conceived mainly for companies with multiple directions of work, high production volume or overriding marketing ambitions
$ 7,0 hourly rate
Up to 8 hours per day
Free setup meeting

  • Each plan is valid for 1 month
  • You can also use our virtual assistant specialist on T&M base for one-time task on pay rate $11.9 an hour
  • If needed, the price of web development, design, SEO is discussed additionally
  • The cost of call center services depends on time, volume, industry, instructions, etc., and calls for extra discussion
  • You can combine several types of services in one package
  • A client provides us with the tasks that need to be completed during the course of the monthly package. Paid but unused hours per month are not carried over to the next monthly period.

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