Top-Ranked Companies That Outsource Staff (BPO)

While some businesses are intently studying market offer in search of cost-effective, fast and efficient ways of their company internal optimization through hr or business process outsourcing, others have long as established their firm top-rank positions as experts in meeting those needs, delivering  viable solutions, offering business insight, reducing workloads, and, no less important, de-stressing.

The latter, dare I say it, are outsourcing industry moguls!

These are companies that outsource hr functions (employee training, accounting, hr advisory services, recruiting, employment administration (payroll, payroll taxes)) and/or business processes ( manufacturing, property management, web programming, web design, IT support, administrative support, etc) and keep winning customer acclaim for doing it up to the mark. To be a perfect match to customer needs some providers even bundle their services.  So, what makes top outsourcing companies best at what they do?

Mainly, prompt response to changing customer needs a team of specialists capable of filling in even most specialized market niches an excellent track record global presence result oriented approach.

Who got it right and is now living it up? Run down the list of some world’s leading outsourcing companies that made a strong showing on the public market:


High-Performance. Delivered.

As a global consulting, technology services and outsourcing company Accenture made it a priority to keep all those criteria met and balanced once it saw an opportunity in human resourses outsourcing.  Throughout its history, the enterprise has expanded from consulting to company resource planning and customer relationship management. With more than 300.000 employees providing services in 120 countries and net revenue hovering at around $30 billion a year, it stands to reason why Accenture is included in a list of top hr outsourcing providers.


Powered by intellect. Driven by values.

Growing global presence with 100 development centers in more than 50 countries and soaring revenues make it hard to believe this lucrative business process outsourcing provider started delivering its  technology-enabled business solutions with budget of $250. Now it has around 85 sales and marketing offices and can afford to provide services to most economically depressed sectors. Today, it does the same to other businesses, giving strategic insights on how to evolve. This includes solutions on big data, and cloud computing,  consulting and operational leadership.

ISS World

The Power of the Human Touch

Launched in Denmark as a small security office with 20 night watchmen it began its overseas expansion and gradually turned into the second largest European provider of facility services which outsources total security and facility management. In 2010 the number of employees increased to 300 while revenue reached DKK 70 billion mark turning it into world-class hr outsourcing corporation.


The Worldwide leader in real estate services

Given that the company has been sold, merged and renamed few times over years its main business model underwent drastic modifications. Its business model used to revolve around one strategy, that is investing into a property which needs upgrading before it is sold. Today the enterprise employs about 70.000 people in more than 60 countries in the world and specializes in consulting services as to better real estate performance, investment options; conducting real estate valuations; development services.


Solutions for a Smarter Planet

IBM or Big Blue (nicknamed to emphasize its size and predominance of blue as a corporate colour ) is a business process outsourcing company maintaining support and development offices all over the world. Years have passed since the corporation changed the tack and stepped away from commodity market (manufacturing hardware) and expanded to such markets as data analytics, cloud computing, business intelligence. Its success is ostensible in the light of those numerous times it ranked high in different ratings presented in Forbes, Newsweek, Fortune etc. For example, the second largest enterprise in US according to number of employees (around 435.000), the ninth most lucrative and profitable,  the second most respected and the fifth most admired company. On top of that, its employees have been awaded 5 Nobel Prizes.


Let us show you the way to work

Positioning itself as the world’s leading provider of hr solutions, Adecco offers a wide range of services including temporary staffing, career transition, permanent placement, talent development as well as consulting and hr outsourcing. Over 50 years of expansion and evolvement following merger of Adia and Ecco the provider is now up and running in 60 countries around the world maintaining more than 32.000 employees.

HCL Technologies

Relationship Beyond the Contract

By leveraging expertise of its wide pool of talent (95.000 worldwide) HCl Technologies  focusses on human resources outsourcing, IT infrastructure services, systems integration, product engineering. HCL’s journey of more than 30 years has turned this enterprise into global transformational outsourcing company. The management pride themselves on training employees who have generated and implemented ideas (platform ValuePortal, Mad Jam) that earned their customers $600mn. Quite an achievement, isn’t it?

One cannot expect this list to be exhaustive. These are just few out of many top outsourcing companies with a long track record of excellent performance, high efficiency and innovative solutions. There are also budding companies already at their heels outsourcing viable web solutions or hr functions, working on end eager to find their names on the list. And they will if they accept that setting up an enterprise is like building a house. You want to erect it on a rock solid, long-term foundation and it better be experience of onshore, nearshore or offshore outsourcing industry moguls.