Amazon Seller & Virtual Assistant – Ways for Cooperation

E-commerce has become a part of life and more sellers are becoming active on the largest e-commerce platform of Amazon. Our customer is not an exception. Although Ukraine is not a member of the Amazon community, this does not exclude the possibility to provide services to our foreign clients on this platform. Usually, starting sales on Amazon the seller-entrepreneur starts to work independently or with a small team. However, with a growth of business each of us faces the following issues:

  • Where find time to do all the planned tasks to ensure stable business growth?
  • Who can help me with the obligatory daily steps without which sales are impossible no matter how great my product was? Who can I delegate it and why?
  • How to find a person who will keep in step with the times? What needs to be delegated in the first place in terms of cooperation?

The best way for Amazon seller is to outsource this work to a virtual assistant team.

We want to share with you our experience in working with customers and products. There are a lot of nuances here. However, a lot of time takes actually Product Listings in work with Amazon products for sale. A person who already works directly with it usually knows this and what is important in this process. We will not focus attention on obvious things for those who have made their business. Making a Product Listings on Amazon requires a lot of time, knowledge, control and efforts. This is the original combination of data entry, content management, and analysis.

Work with Product Listing faces us with a lot of questions when analyzing and making product listings on Amazon as well as the necessity for close communication with Amazon support.

What is important in cooperation between client-assistant (agency):

  • A clear description of how you see your product on Amazon;
  • If you have information to study your particular product in detail, please provide it;
  • Your Virtual Assistant for Amazon FBA should know all that you know (important elements of Product Listings are: product title, images, bullet points, description, keywords).

Output data for Product Listings:

    • Barcodes of a manufacturer (EAN or UPC). They are necessary to avoid duplication. If you already have this list, submit it;
    • GTIN (Global Trade Identifier Number) Most products are required to have GTIN which is generally something like a UPC or an ISBN;
    • Product ID. It is needed for every product in order to be sold on Amazon. This Id (generally a UPC) will distinguish your product from every other product. It identifies the product related to the listing.

Daily tasks which virtual assistant help to resolve:

Making Product Listings we come across with issues which require additional time and efforts.

    • Updating products by optimizing Amazon products. Due to price changes, this process is continuous;
    • Following Amazon rules and regulations (for example, prohibition of illegal products or offensive ones);
    • Making product listings gradually (prioritize the most important issues and fill listings by concrete steps);
    • The necessity of expanding the product catalog;
    • Avoiding of restriction some products and capriciousness with the product details page;
    • Frequent communication with Amazon support

The capriciousness of Amazon product listing is in the following:

  • Incorrectly entered barcode leads to error;
  • Incorrectly selected picture format and its quality leads to the impossibility to upload it;
  • Insufficiently made description without taking into account market trends will block your product page.

Why is it helpful to hire a virtual assistant from a team?

    • Possibility to increase the number of assistants with the growth of needs for additional assistance in the absence of the need to lose time for additional training knowledge will be transmitted in a team if necessary;
    • Timely replacement of an assistant in case of illness, sick leave, without loss for the business;
    • Appropriate additional control of the manager regarding time, reporting, taking into account the remarks, adjustments of the process.

Consequently, attention should be placed on your time consuming, quality and paying attention to the global things of your business. Virtual Assistance agency gives you a hand in Amazon routine.