Free Trial Service: a Testing Platform for Your Business Tasks

Business Outsourcing is what makes a difference to a modern business world. The ongoing increasing popularity of the sphere is in a great need for outsourcing services to keep the first on the surface. In its turn, business outsourcing companies need something to make their services popular and, consequently, profitable. Free Trial is the best option ever for the time being. This is a chance provided for both the companies and prospective consumers to get to know each other and to decide on further cooperation.

The service is about engaging new and paying prospective customers by providing them with a real practical possibility to ‘test drive’ the service proposed.

The benefits Free trial grants to an outsourcing company are the following:

  • A perfect possibility to make a service/product to “sell itself”. A really good service/product needs elementary promotion to become popular and with Free trial it is getting possible!

An opportunity of getting feedback to serve further business promotion. The trialers could be checked with either during or after a trial period to gather interesting and useful information on the service provided.

An additional advantage over the competitors who do not have such an option on their webpages, etc. In case your most popular competitors practice free trial service as well, you are secured from being inferior to them by all means.

Along with a wide range of Free Trial pros, unfortunately, we cannot ignore several cons the business outsourcing companies experience in the course of their functioning period.

The disadvantages of a Free Trial system BPO companies can come across:

  • Free trials are supposed to be free for trialers, not the BPO service. Every trial includes a certain amount of money and time to spend on a professional and timely task fulfillment. Usually, certain research, sign up procedures, and testing are needed to serve the target.

There exists no guarantee that a customer willing to try a free trial service will turn into a real one. The case is, every venture has its hidden risks. Human nature is ever-changing and prone to quick and sometimes groundless mood shifts. In reality, there exists a very small percent of those really wishing to cooperate. Those, longing for a fruitful collaboration, are ready to pay and not searching for getting anything for free.

Last but not least, the incidents including cheating on the very system are not rare presently. Unfortunately, people have a tendency to sign up for a Free trial a number of times with different tasks to be done for them while not considering using the service seriously. What is more, some companies want to look inside their competitors’ business with the help of Free trialing. Any outsourcing company should always evaluate all the risks and clearly outline all the benefits in order not to become a ‘victim’.

P.S. It should be noted that a Free trial is not effective for all the services required. If it works for a kind of research or admin work (emailing, certification making, etc.), it rarely works out for complex business tasks. Three hour trial is too short to embrace all the scope of the task, VAfromEurope proposes a minimal package instead (it includes 10 hour trial, which will definitely shed light to a possible cooperation perspectives).

On the contrary to BPO services, prospective customers can use free trial service to the fullest with no potential risks and negative experience on their side. What? Really? Let us dig into the advantages of the issue:

  • A real ‘test drive’ of the service proposed
  • No time and effort consumption involved

A real evaluation of the service results in a well thought over decision making

So, no stress, no spare time and money demanding opportunity to be jumped at and used to the fullest with our VAfromEurope team.