Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools

Modern business environment calls for additional channels, ways and tools to function, develop and perform flawlessly. There exist a lot of them with LinkedIn being a worthy one by all means. It definitely is a go-to platform to cater to the needs of the business audiences as a highly popular marketing platform. Vast business networks undermine huge databases of clients, excessive data and huge audience involvement. It appears to be almost impossible to handle all the issues manually. Thus, LinkedIn offers a good number of its best-automated tools to help out here.  

We tried hard to pull out the most popular, useful and really functioning LinkedIn lead generation tools to serve you best. Creating a client portfolio is nothing easy but of utmost importance to make it right, fast and effective. The tooling choice that is most relevant and suitable for every separate case depends on the business sector, budget, main tasks envisioned and end-goals pursued. Have a look at the list provided below to find what appeals to you most of all. Let us get started then. 

A perfect lead generator targeted at creating your prospects’ databases. It automatically extracts, compiles and structures all the contacts about the profiles you have recently visited including recent activities, names, locations, interests, emails, etc.  


  • own list of profiles making for marketing campaigns; 
  • automated drip email campaigns;  
  • ability to download various profiles while adding them to your CRM later on. 


  • limited advanced features (e.g. drip campaigns haltering, etc.) 

A free version is offered as up to 100 profiles viewed per day. Professional and Turbo versions cost $11,25 and $41,25 monthly accordingly. 

Another bright example of an ultimate lead generation tool. It offers nearly a dozen and a half million of organizations and professionals to build your own database. The tool is rich in numerous filters like technologies, company sizes, working directions, etc. 


  • automatically generated lead-based information and relevant high-targeted lists while using AI-powered Fusebot; 
  • email verification using AI technologies; 
  • duplicate contact avoidance through CRM connection and automated mailing system. 


  • 1000 contacts list limitation; 
  • links downloaded are not instant but sent to your email. 

Free version comprises 25 leads only. In its turn, a paid version of LeadFuze varies from $132 to $447 monthly. 

The best LinkedIn automated tool ever. Being initially launched in 2017, the tool has been undergoing continuous enhancements ever since. It is all about the creation of the easy-to-fill capture forms for selected LinkedIn formats.  


  • Speed and Quality: flashy campaign start and high-quality lead generation are only some benefits the Lead Gen Forms provide;  
  • Seamlessness and Accuracy: pre-filled LinkedIn profile data; 
  • Easiness: easy leads access and management through the CRM tool chosen. 


  • limited form fields (only three of them can be called ‘custom’ ones to request the information outside LinkedIn framework); 
  • there may occur some unpleasant feelings of the prospects due to the possible data breaches and privacy alerts; 
  • field limits may frequently be hindering as compared to those B2B platforms adhere to. Not much information is needed from the users; 
  • conversion and data issues. 

It is a 14-day free trial, so try it and decide whether you need it or not: it will not cost you a penny. 

LinkedIn LeadFeeder identifies companies that have recently visited your page and filters the info on what they have been looking through (interested in) via getting alert messages. 


  • CRM connection is possible with ongoing updates; 
  • free trial; 
  • easy to get started and to work with. 


  • leads filtering might be frequently a challenge. 

Lite version is free with the Premium one worth $55 per month. 

ProTop visits approx. 1000 profiles daily based on your interests and criteria. It allows exporting the profiles found, filter them and sort them out. The information is saved for 1-3 months. 


  • free version; 
  • easy to install; 
  • performs independently. 


  • free plan is limited to 1000 profiles being visited on a daily basis. 

The paid version costs $25 per month and is billed yearly. Free version is available as well. 

Meet a profile visiting automation tool. If you want people to visit your site, visit theirs first: a well-known marketing move goes. eLink Pro serves best here.  


  • 800 new profiles visits per day. 


  • chances are 5-10% of the total. Nevertheless, those who have visited can drive sales considerably. 

The price varies from $29 per month (can be canceled anytime) to $49 per month (no credit card is required; 5-day free trial available). 

If you spend a lot of time searching for the information about your prospects, you are definitely suggested to use the tool mentioned. Switching to LeadGrabber Pro will save your time and provide you with the freshest and complete info needed. 


  • targeted professionals lists creating; 
  • structuring and grouping the info found (emails, contacts, personal details and so on); 
  • the data on your prospects can be easily and quickly sent to your CRM platform; 
  • easy access to the company’s decision-maker (B2B targeted promotion is effective). 

P.S.  First 50 contacts are free. 

A perfect sales tool, which allows finding relevant customers and target prospective clients.  


  • easy to track key leads; 
  • customized lead recommendations provided; 
  • one click only and the generated leads lists can be saved to your CRM platform;  

Price: $103,33 per month while billed annually. 

A good insight into the audience you communicate with is a must. Just add the Chrome extension needed to your browser and that’s it – enjoy! 


  • rich data access when you are communicating through Gmail; 
  • shared connections, interests and experiences access. 

A really worthy marketing tool to connect with the business owners directly and send automated messages to a huge number of people simultaneously. Besides messaging, the tool allows performing a good range of automated business tasks alike. 

The Linked Assist costs EUR 97 annually and is to be paid in advance. 

Finally, it is – a Sales Loop, one of the newest automated LinkedIn tools on the market presently. Due to buggy Chrome extensions and outdated desktop apps, the founders decided to build a modern safe web application as well as a cloud-based SaaS to add LinkedIn and Sales Nav search URLs to the ad campaign easily and effectively. 


  • effective connections; 
  • high-quality conversions; 
  • omni channel marketing success. 

Price: $39 per month 


Here you are a shortlist of the LinkedIn tools oriented at lead generation processes and promotion success targeted. The tools provided are the most actual, newest and ‘working’ on the platform and can be of good use if chosen right and in time. In VAfromEurope, we constantly face a challenge of when, how and what exactly tool to use. Thus, through experimenting and practicing, we have been approaching the best choices and are willing to share with you. ‘Practice makes perfect’: try, filter and search and you will definitely hit the target. Good luck!