Clubhouse Hysteria: Are You In?

If you haven’t joined the clubhouse yet, you must have definitely heard of it.  

What is it?  

Basically, Clubhouse is the brand new networking application. Though it was first launched in March 2020 in the USA, the application has already reached the number of 3 million downloads. That is actually just an audio-chat application. Imagine listening to somebody’s telephone conversation, interview, conversation or podcast, a celebrity, for instance, or any other interesting person. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Oprah and many more have already joined the club.  

Although, Clubhouse is not a ready-to-use application. You cannot just download an app and create your account. To get an access you have to be invited by an existing user. And what’s more, currently the chatting app is available only for iOS users, it is not even optimized for iPadsThough, the creators claim to be working on Android version.   

Once you’ve downloaded an app and created your account, you will have to opt for your preferable topics of interest, like sports, life etc. And then the app will start suggesting some other entertaining conversations for you to join. However, you don’t have to just listen. You’re given an option to raise your hand and join a conversation by yourself. Then you might be allowed to speak by a chat-room creator or moderator.  

Can I listen to it later? 

The conversations in chat rooms are Live, which means you cannot save it for later time. For now, the number of listeners in each room is limited by 5000.   

Is it going to be alone? 

Due to its popularity, now even Facebook is allegedly trying to copy Clubhouse and create a similar product. Even Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg joined Clubhouse to talk about his favorite topics like VR and AR.  By the way, Facebook has a history of buying successful projects, when they were just start-up: Oculus, WhatsApp and Instagram. Instagram even copied Stories from its rival Snapchat and launched Reels, which is a Tik-Tok-like feature.  

Twitter is also speeding up its Clubhouse-like product Spaces, but it is going to get some upgrades though. For example, a host or a speaker will be able to see the full list of attendees and given “guest management” tools. The new set of tools allows to view the list, divided into “Speakers”, “Listeners” and “Requests”.   

Is it everywhere? 

As of now, Clubhouse is the #1 app in Japan, Germany, the UK and Turkey, but the chatting application gained its momentum in China, mostly due to the censorship. The Chinese had an opportunity to openly discuss quite sensitive matters like politics, human rights etc. Though it managed to fly under the Chinese government radar for some time, it was finally blocked on January 12.    

It’s not that perfect 

Like every other platform, Clubhouse has its downsides. The chatting app suffered from common hate speech and abuse issue Thus, moderation guidelines had to established. Privacy is also questioned. While you cannot record the podcasts, the platform is definitely recording all of it. Not to mention the data breach, which Clubhouse suffered last year. Leaving a platform is also a challenge. You cannot just delete your account, you’ll have to email to the support team and wait for them to react. 

What is so special about the Clubhouse that makes it so special? 

That is new and that’s Live, there are no recordings available. When something’s new, we all experience anxiety and serious FOMO. Thus, we stay Live as long as we can to get the exclusive contentWell, yes. It does give the feeling of being special, you feel like you belong to a clique of the privileged ones, if you get there by invite only.   

So, are you a “clubmaniac”?