A VA Can Help You Boost Your Blog Growth

As a business owner, you must be striving to propel your blog growth. Writing a blog for your website is a chance to increase traffic to your web, raise brand awareness and, at last but not least, introduce yourself and the services your company provides.  

In our previous article5 Best Copywriting Tips To Attract An Audiencewe’ve already given you some tips on how to draw readers’ attentionMostly, writing a piece per week is enough. Writing a long one, which is 3000+ words, is perfect. Most likely, you’re a passionate writer, who can talk about your business for hours. But, what if you are not? What if writing is not your cup of tea or you simply don’t have time? Then hiring a virtual assistant for this type of work would be highly beneficial. 

Outsourcing a person, who will take care of your blog, would be a huge relief because of many things.  

Time and productivity  

Writing is a time-consuming process, especially if you’re under the avalanche of other crucial tasks. Having to write on a regular basis makes matter even worse. Besides that, you need to stay focused and professional. A professional with good copywriting skills will definitely make you more productive, since you won’t be distracted by the necessity of having to write something, which usually nibbles on your consciousness. You’ll simply have the time to concentrate on a bigger goal. 

Growth and revenue  

All in all, business growth is your ultimate goal. That is one of the key factors you should hire a virtual assistant. While you’re orchestrating the whole process and implementing the company’s strategy, the right person will take care of high-converting content. Especially, if you regard your blog as a primary source of income or means of attracting clients’ attention to your business, you’ll see growth pretty soon. The same goes for the revenue. How much do you usually bill out per hour? If you charge three or even four times as much as your VA, hiring one is more than beneficial. 


To stay afloat on the stormy SM sea, the content you create should be truly unique. Hiring a specialist in Digital Marketing and Graphic Design skills is the key to success. The more your blog grows, the more important your VA is.  

Peace of mind 

Even a passionate writer gets tired or feels frustrated sometimes. There are several reasons for that: you may be experiencing professional burnout, writing is not one of your talents, you simply lack time etc. Being relieved of this task will definitely help you restore your peace of mind and save some me time.     


Have you driven to the conclusion that you need a Virtual Assistant? Here at VAfromEurope we are passionate about the work we do. We will help you grow your blog engagement in no time.