Event Planning: Some Aspects A VA Can Handle

Yes, we are all tired of the pandemic. Due to it many events and conferences had to be canceled. But life goes on and many businesses had to alter, adjust and thus went online. Numerous conferences, events, contests and festivals were held online, even some new products were launched online as well.    

Though we are used to attending in-person events, but online ones got its momentum last year. Besides that, online events have their own benefits: 

  • It reduces your expenditures. Yes, organizing an online event is much cheaper, than an in-person event. Hosting an online event eliminates having to rent a physical space, catering service costs etc.    
  • It provides broader and higher attendance. No geographic restraints make your event much easier to attend, since people do not have to travel long distances.    
  • The content, created for this kind of event can easily be repurposedYou can record everything and use it for creating your blog posts, SM posts etc. 
  • Online events convert tooDue to recent research up to 40% of people, who attend your event, can turn into leads.  

Many business owners get shorthanded, thus they seek the help of Virtual Assistants. A VA can handle multiple tasks on your behalf. Besides that, a wide range of specialists in multiple spheres can be involved in the process. You probably won’t be able to make it alone or at least you’ll need much more time. 

Your personal Virtual Assistant can help you with: 

  • Choosing the right platformOur professional can help you choose the right platform with proper specs to let the process go smoothly, consider the format of your event and the requirements needed, pricingetc. 
  • Graphic designThe slide deck you’re going to show is as important as the information you’re going to present. Outsourcing a skilled graphic designer might be a good option for you. 
  • Tech support. Online event or webinar requires someone, who works behind the scenes, a person, who can handle all the technical issues without your having to stop.   
  • Choosing the right topicThe choice of the topic that converts is pivotal. Before launching a webinar, a VA can do some research on that and take this task off your plate.  
  • Encouraging your audienceIn online events people usually need some encouragement. A VA can prompt attendees’ questions and answer them online.   
  • Promotion, SMM, and email marketingYour personal assistant can handle even some aspects of your marketing strategy like promoting your event on SM and distributing some post-event materials  
  • Handling payments. If you are hosting an event, which is not free, the VA can control the payment process or help you sell the tickets 
  • Recording and preparing materials for reuse. As we’ve already mentioned, the record of your event is a good option for being used in the future. So a VA can handle this process and prepare the materials for the future 
  • Influencers. You might want to consider involving other speakers or influencers, in a nutshell, people, whose words matter, into your event. Finding the right or knowledgeable person requires time and research. Don’t waste your time, let a VA do it for you. 

These aspects are just the examples of what a professional VA can handle on your behalf. Besides that, you don’t have to struggle alone, there always are people, who are ready to help you in any sphere of your business. A team of dedicated Virtual Assistants from VAfromEurope are always there to help you.  Just reach out to us.