Website Builders and Virtual Assistant Support

We keep saying that website is at the heart of every business. Getting your message across or showcasing your product on Social Media is awesome, but it’s not enough. SM pages all look alike and cannot express the inner nature of your company. If you need a tool that fully represents you or your brand, you definitely need a decent website. Nowadays it becomes even easier to build a professional-looking website with no coding skills needed.  

No matter if you’re trying to build a website from scratch or upgrade an existing one to meet the modern world’s needs, a website builder is a good solution. Modern website building services are developing rapidly providing more and more features. On one hand, making a good-looking web resource has become very easy for a newbie, on the other hand getting lost becomes even easier. Before choosing the service, a couple of questions should get answers:  

– what are my objectives? 

– what features do I need? 

– how important is e-commerce for you?  

– how much money and effort could I invest? 

Basically, you need to make a list of features you would like to see on your web-like blog that are going to achieve the objectives you’ve determined. This might be a website blog, contact form, eCommerce, photo gallery etc. If you cannot make your mind up, you can check your competitors’ recourses or ask for a piece of advice from a trustworthy agency.  

The next step is to choose the platform. This article provides a comparative analysis of the most ‘delicious’ website builders you could find, but not that fast. As we’ve mentioned the vast majority of those platforms provide a quite simple, user-friendly and intuitive interfaces with numerous templates as well as e-commerce options for any type of business website.    

Later on you’ve got a couple of options. Starting a website from scratch is one thing, transferring an existing one to another platform is completely different. Website builders can be used in both ways – for budling a resource from scratch as well as ‘moving’ from an old version to a newer one.  

The latter option can be performed in three ways: 

  • The suggested website builder might be synchronized with different programming languages, this will allow smooth and painless transferring without developers’/VA help. 
  • The synchronizing option can require the developer’s support. 
  • Manual transition (on your own or with VA’s help). 

Money/effort investment actually depends on you. Mostly, the templates provided by the following builders and their payment plans, unless they are free, are more than enough for an average user. If you are a discerning user, you might need the developer’s help. But you have to be pretty cautious in terms of the amount of effort you are going to invest.  

As we’ve mentioned above, you don’t need to kill yourself to build a website. It works with simple websites, but there is a risk of getting stuck at the desk without even having the time to move if it’s about a more complicated recourse with an extensive catalog of products etc. Here comes the question of delegation. Remember the Eisenhower Matrix? There are things you can either delegate or delegate. If the answer is ‘yes’, you need to remember that there is also a huge difference between delegating the task to the developer or a VA. Virtual Assistant‘s cost efficiency is much higher in terms of saving money while operating on a meager budget.  

One of our VA Agency’s tasks was transferring support from a previous website to a new one. The customer opted for Bitrix24. This platform suggests numerous templates to every taste and purpose. Our primary task was creating extensive product catalogs by pulling out photos, detailed characteristics, and descriptions from the previous ones to build an effective e-commerce platform. In our case, the existing templates were not enough, so the functionality was improved by plan improvement, which significantly increased website capacity.   

Well, the prolific business-VA Agency cooperation resulted in a new e-commerce website.   

As we’ve promised, here is a table, comparing the most interesting website-building platforms for you to take a look at. 



Well, it’s up to you which website builder to use and whether delegate it or not. Need some advice, feel free to contact VAfromEurope Agency.