10 Tasks Your Competitors Already Outsource

You may not be familiar with effective business plans and management practices of leading companies, you may not endorse some of order-barking or fist-hammering techniques common for some large old school corporations, but you have definitely heard a thousand times what defines success of every top-rank startup. A sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. Right, it is true. Well, almost true.

How about adding a touch of new-gen management style and multiplying that sum by 2,3 or even 4 while still reducing efforts. Sounds unrealistic? In fact, it is not, if you follow the lead of top-rank startups and consider business process outsourcing to bpo companies.

According to a survey conducted by Michael F. Corbett in his book “Outsourcing revolution” 90% of enterprices cited business process outsourcing as crucial to their growth strategies. And the reasons are quite evident: lower operational costs, lower labor costs, optimized internal processes, saved time and more.

One gets used to good things pretty fast. While reaping the benefits of shared workload some business owners take one step further with human resources outsourcing. Imagine having an entire department of hr professionals serving your best interests without worrying about expenses associated with maintaining dedicated hr staff.

No wonder your competitors already outsource:

Human Resource Functions

Some companies resort to human resource outsourcing, that is, engage professional employer organizations to assume hr-related functions and perform these tasks. HR outsourcing strikes as a compelling solution once you consider how much time and effort it takes to put together a skillful team of professionals for someone who already has a lot on their mind.

Accounting and finance functions

Bpo providers either take full legal responsibility for hiring, dismissing and handling all hr aspects or deal exclusively with primary hr functions (payroll, benefits administration and tax filing). Unless you are a large or medium-size company that usually requires a full-time finance executive, your cost savings can be quite substantial once you consider hr outsourcing and decide to use ‘’back-office” accounting organizations on a few hours-a-week basis.


Setting up, building or buying your own production facility can be quite a challenge or even a discouragement. Think of all the costs that come just with buying equipment and hiring people. Sounds like a lost cause, doesn’t’ it? It really makes sense to use services of manufacturing outsourcers who have technology and competence to run the production processes efficiently and compliantly.

Web development and design

Not me to tell you how demanding and time-consuming web-related tasks can get. Unless you are a web expert who can find and implement the best web solution you’d better leave that with software development outsourcing companies. This way you get the best quality at attractive prices and avoid stress.

To optimize internal business a great number of non-strategic functions and tasks are being outsourced to a virtual administrative assistant who provides services in many instances at a lower cost and high quality. Consider just few:


Website and social media accounts is a whole line of communication between consumers and your organization. BPO companies can help you get more traffic, generate new leads, build your brand presence on all major networks, devise a unique website maintenance plan when it comes to keyword research, creating backlinks.

Copywriting/Content writing

Revising a document ( letter, website content, press release, article, speech), giving it a second thought is far easier than having to create it from scratch.

Getting a virtual administrative assistant in to help with: communication flow facilitation (email inbox screening) between customers and service providers; word processing tasks (translation, editing, proofreading, transcribing) is a usual and indispensable practice of every business entity whether small or large. Outsourcing hasn’t passed over such area as web research, often delegated to a virtual secretary and data entry entrusted to a data entry specialist. All types of organizations, large, small, non-profit or even government agencies operate huge amounts of information that  needs typing up, organizing, proccessing. Such data manipulation rests with a data entry specialist who is usually proficient in formatting, has strong computer and word processing skills and is the one who will handle the most tedious tasks we’d rather avoid doing ourselves. For those seeking help with more complex administrative tasks, a virtual office assistant may be a position to consider.

Once these processes are outsourced your competitors are left with no choice but focus on things they do best. These are successful companies and technique itself reflects a new-gen management style. Join new generation. See in practice how business process outsourcing or hr outsourcing works!