Top 7 Software Tools to Track Your Virtual Assistant Progress

Are you using the help of a virtual assistant and want to control their work and make it more effective by tracking the progress? The best option is to use special programs that enhance the production.

As a rule, many companies have their own virtual personal assistant software so it goes without saying that it is better to work in that way. However, if you are hiring a freelance VA, take a look at the review of the top 7 tools, which are the most adoptable, easy to use and offer the most features. With their help tracking VA services becomes more simple and the results are improving.


Definitely one of the best virtual assistant software to keep a track on the progress of your apprentices. The basic account can be opened for free and the premium one will cost you $99/mo but the experts do not recommend the Premium version because of the very specific factors which will not make a big deal for you. The Windows users cannot benefit from the Web version, but the free virtual assistant software supports Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Web.


Highly recommended virtual personal assistant software which can be downloaded for free or upgraded to the professional form only for $2.42/month which is relatively cheap compared to the pro accounts of the other virtual assistant software. The program works on all the popular platforms so both users of Apple technique and Windows will be interested in it. The free software is very neat and worth trying.


Built as a task management software, it has the free version and has desktop version along with its phone analog. This “all in one” virtual personal assistant software is among the best because of the multitasking, being able to track personal, work and blogging activities. Cloud-based note taking App is another reason of its high demand.


This free task management program is among the best virtual assistant software with plenty of features. As far as it is able to organize everything on one screen, you do not have to jump around different folders. The free account allow you to manage 10 projects within 100MB of storage and the monthly fee of $4.17 will gift you with unlimited number of tasks.


The new free virtual assistant software which is not so spread in comparison to the others but offers many preferences for those who are managing their assistants’ work and also provide the users with quality content on its blog.


Being free and powerful, it remains among the best virtual assistant software with perceptive design and layout, and wide range of offers for collaborative business. Most of the users are satisfied with the free variant which proposes dividing and editing projects by tasks, labels, descriptions, checklists and even putting the attachments. It is particularly helpful for teamwork where people are working on separate plans towards the greater goal.


It is more than just a to-do list. One of the highest rating virtual assistant software which supports almost all the available platforms (Windows, Mac, IOS, Windows Phone, Android, Web). It can be downloaded for free or upgraded to pro version for $4.99/month to get more benefits.

Too many opportunities and you do not know where to start? It might be difficult to come to some conclusion what is best virtual assistant software just after reading the review, so try each of them, find the best program to fulfill your needs and make your business grow. Or entrust our company to provide a VA assistance at a professional level.