How To Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

How about giving you a brain-teaser to tickle your fancy a bit? Find something in common between three terms: digital audio player, R&B music, and virtual assistant.

virtual assistant brain-teaser

Do some guessing, think it over before you scroll down. Take your time. It may raise an eyebrow or two but there is something.

Follow the trend

As their popularity and market demand started to rise all these three relatively new terms quickly transformed into umbrella terms denoting ever-expanding groups of related things: R&B groups under a single term black pop music, black ballads, hip hop, funk, Motown; Digital audio player refers to iPod or MP3 player while virtual assistant category is represented by variety of professionals including social media virtual assistant, virtual real estate assistant, internet marketing specialist or email marketing virtual assistant, book keeper, event manager etc.

It is easy to lose the run of ever-increasing list of professions that enter virtual assistant category. And that would be a major oversight. You wonder why?

Reasons to go virtual

Consider just one empirically validated observation laid bare in an ActiveRain report: real estate agents whose annual income exceeds the $100,000 threshold are 153% more likely to hire a real estate virtual assistant. This reason is solid enough and hard to beat but here is another one that came from the client who took me on board as his virtual real estate assistant.

That is his story of getting to the edge of the cliff: an aspiring realtor who spent early day hours showing property to perspective buyers or tenants, negotiating deals on behalf of his clients; who worked long afternoon hours to find property suitable for his customers, update MLS listings, generate leads, secure clients, post ads, who spent sleepless nights racking the brains over the best business strategy to ramp up productivity and ravenue, who would meet the sunrise not in his cozy bed but at the computer studying new online tools, realtors’ best practices, new tendencies on real estate market, who barely caught the glimpse of his family members and who already forgot this incredible experience of kite boarding he used to rave about. Until one day he stumbled upon services offering virtual assistants for real estate agents. Following his instincts and inner craving for sound wholesome rest, he decided to hire a real estate virtual assistant.

Strategy to get things done

real estate virtual assistant

So, our journey began: a real estate agent (now realtor) and virtual assistant for realtors hitting the road to success. At the very outset it was a rough journey, not everything went smooth from day one. Having decided to hire a real estate virtual assistant, my client had a hard time  getting accustomed to the idea of having his work day decluttered with the help of virtual assistant for real estate, learning to be more adventurous in his journey. It was like setting out on a drive with empty fuel dumps. Accordingly, we were stuck until my realtor came to realize that he couldn’t be his own virtual assistant for real estate ant started to scope out and share his tasks. This is how you benefit from having real estate virtual assistants on board.

So, here is my first big bold NO to you! Do not bury yourself under this mounting pile of work, do not hold out overwhelming work pressure on your own, don’t let your worklife be all about routine time-wasting tasks, instead work in a team with your virtual assistant for realtor,. Be clear and open about your goals, discuss and scope out your workload with your virtual assistant since real estate business and marketing issues are your task manager’s line of work. And this is the most essential part you need to remember when you hire a real estate virtual assistant.

Tasks to delegate

Once you have a well setup and coordinated workflow with your virtual assistant for realtors you are up for a smooth and comfortable ride. Hop up! Using my first-hand experience for a guide I’ll show you the most required and beneficial tasks virtual real estate assistants are entrusted with:

Research and data management

Every real estate pro knows the market inside out but what is behind this is prior thorough research which could be done by a virtual assistant for real estate professionals. You could use a VA to keep you updated on local pricing, planned locsation developments, school rankings, low-tax alternatives, up-and-coming locations etc. Virtual real estate assistants can handle updating your database, uploading data into the MLS database.

Administrative tasks

When contracting virtual assistants for realtors to take care of your back-office tasks you get a back-up, the one who’ll confirm or reschedule your appointments, manage your calender, handle travel booking, ensure you won’t miss important meeting, review if data were correctly entered by your clients.

Marketing and Sales support

Marketing support is a backbone of your business. To make sure it is not brittle you may require services of virtual assistants for real estate agents to run online and offline ads campaign, manage your social media presence, run a blog for you, promote new listings, design a property brochure, prepare content for your website. Real estate virtual assistants are often hired to handle email marketing for realtors as one step forward towards attaining the sales and profit objectives. Your task manager will select email marketing platform, filter out potential clients by sending listings via email, follow up emails.

Well, you can keep reading more about the benefits of working with virtual assistant, there is plenty of free information out there for the taking. Though, I’d say one reason will suffice: you need someone to do the legwork. So I suggest you take real estate virtual assistant for a ride and enjoy your safe road to freedom and success.

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