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Eastern European Virtual Assistant Agency provides a range of customer support services to choose from:


How It Works


Apply in just 4 small steps and start making a profitable investment into your business and lifestyle:


Number one


Having decided to enlist professional support and enhance your productivity by leveraging potential of our virtual assistants, sign up for the service and choose a plan that responds to your needs

Number two

Meet Your VA

Within a short period we will reach out to you to learn more about your needs, outline our strategy and choose approach towards completing your tasks

Number three

Send Us Your Tasks

Following receiving your payment and tasks we’ll get straight to work. Make sure to send us your task with clear instructions and expectations

Number four


Once assigned a task, our VA will get it done to meet your expectations and deadline. To put your mind at rest you will always be able to track progress on your tasks

Our Plans


We have come up with the most efficient plans to respond to various needs and high demand
Sign up for any of our monthly offers and rest assured that you’ll receive the best of service

$19820 hours per month
$ 9,9 hourly rate
Up to 2 hours per day
Dedicated VA
Dedicated Advisor
Start work immediately
$34040 hours per month
$ 8,5 hourly rate
Up to 4 hours per day
Dedicated VA
Dedicated Advisor
Free setup meeting
$60080 hours per month
$ 7,5 hourly rate
Up to 6 hours per day
Dedicated VA
Dedicated Advisor
Free setup meeting
$960160 hours per month
$ 6 hourly rate
Up to 8 hours per day
Dedicated VA
Dedicated Advisor
Free setup meeting

We’re Your Business Strategy For Success


Our team of professionals from Europe with a wide scope of expertise and western mindset will add value to your business. This holds true every time and for everyone be it an entrepreneur, busy professional, small business owner or startup team and here is why.

We have conducted customized market analysis and learnt about skills currently in demand and expectations of busy business professionals. Virtual Assistants from EVAA are thereupon carefully trained, vetted and selected to be real assets for our clients who struggle to accelerate and optimize their business-running processes by sharing their ever-increasing workload; who delegate routine tedious time-consuming tasks to offload their staff members; who strive to earn productive time to focus on their core tasks; who need tasks completed to meet tight deadline; who would rather cut expenses of staffing and training than build them up by hiring new employees, preparing new employee’s work space with appropriate supplies and more….

Still, what matters most of all – life is full of opportunities hardly anyone would want to miss out on being plastered to the wall with an ever-expanding list of annoying routine non-core tasks and tilted work-life balance.

If you need to have your heavy-to do lists of tasks handled rapidly and efficiently and the list includes data entry or management, web research, word processing, customer communication flow facilitation, social media management, SEO, website content writing and updating, web development or other back-office duties, you can always choose to contract a dedicated virtual assistant.

Though, while outsourcing to Virtual Assistants from EVAA you get even better end of the deal: international standards, high-end specialists, cultural similarities, western mentality, innovative thinking, efficiency, speed, flexibility, creativity and more…

Attractive prices, high quality service define our business approach but what really reinforces it is our client-oriented cooperation model. We strongly believe that each business is unique, every customer deserves special treatment and every task requires an individual approach irrespective of its complexity. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a team of virtual support professionals in a way to fill every market niche that is currently in demand and respond to a wide variety of customer needs.