Benefits Contracting BPO Providers from Eastern Europe

Both starting business or managing already profitable business requires a high level of focus on every minute detail. Gradually, this list of details is growing immensely, while workload is getting increasingly overwhelming, stressful, complicated more than often to the detriment of business itself. That being the case, entrepreneurs, small business owners or independent contractors opt for such Business Process Outsourcing Providers as Virtual Assistant Services to have their workload reduced and business processes optimized instantly.

The Service itself has generated worldwide resonance and turned into a trend which is making headway. One cannot help but notice an abundance of websites that go live offering Virtual Assistant Services from all corners of the world. India and Philippines have stocked the target market offering. Since Asia offers its services at a much more cost-effective rate than USA, it stands to reason why India and Philippines have made it big in the IT outsourcing industry.

Karl Flinders, publishing an insider’s view on the issues around outsourcing in the issue of ComputerWeekly, has pointed out that “just like the Spanish Costas, these destinations are becoming a victim of their own success. Frantic competition for the best resources and, consequently, a huge labour turnover has led to communication and quality problems. Increasingly, local industries such as retail, insurance and banking are offering more interesting jobs with better career prospects than much of what is on offer in IT and Business Process outsourcing”.

In the meantime, the VA business keeps thriving, market demands as well as clients needs are growing, more and more virtual assistants are harnessing their skills and joining the industry which means low-priced tag is no longer a sole point that is factored in when decision is being made on an outsourcing destination.

Lately this boom has come to Europe. For the last few years, the scope of IT outsourcing services provided in Eastern Europe has been increasing exponentially and has now grown by a factor ten compared to year 2007.

According to Forbes, Eastern Europe is transforming into a real tech hub. It “….consistently ranks at the top of the world ranks in educational achievement in math, science and technology. In 2013, 16 out of the 24 finalists of Google’s annual Code Jam programming competition were from Central and Eastern Europe. This region also accounted for 8 of the 13 winners at this year’s ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, as a Bloomberg report shows”.

Furthermore, the amount of IT Outsourcing Companies as well as IT Outsourcing Providers with extended range of services to include business processes outsourcing and BPO providers keeps increasing. As a result, in 2012 the number of employees engaged in the IT field sphere counted around 25.000 people. Since buyers can choose from a wide range of services the competition is really tough. Startup teams as well as lucrative IT Outsourcing Companies and BPO providers strive to win or hold strong positions on the market by investing wisely into team skills development, adapting their services to growing customer needs and service delivery expectations, offering efficient services. It is obvious that tough competition engenders high-quality and speed of delivery.

Apart from this, Eastern Europe has stepped in as a strong competitor due to such good reasons as numerous higher education degree specialists, western mentality, minor time difference compared to Asia, attractive prices, adherence to the Data Protection Act.
All in all, these reasons are sound enough to make Eastern Europe rank high in the list of best outsourcing destinations.