March Social Media Digest

Spring is in full swing now. However, following the latest media updates and implementing them into your marketing strategy is always a great idea. So, here is the list of SM updates in March for you to consider.


Instagram is looking to boost messaging

Instagram rolled out new features for direct messaging (DM) to boost user engagement. These updates include message editing within 15 minutes of sending, pinning up to three chats for easy access, enabling read receipts, introducing new chat themes, and saving favorite stickers for quick use. These changes align with the growing preference for private messaging over public posts. Therefore, Instagram’s focus on enhancing messaging features reflects shifting user behaviors, as more content is shared through DMs than on the main feed. Hence, this move mirrors TikTok’s algorithm-driven approach to engagement.

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Instagram launches Promo Codes

Instagram has globally launched ‘Ads with Promo Codes’, enabling advertisers to include promo codes in captions to attract shoppers and track sales. Meta announced this feature at ShopTalk 2024, similar to Facebook’s format. Advertisers using it saw a 9.1% decrease in cost per purchase and a 10.1% increase in conversions. Meta has been experimenting with promo codes for years, and this latest iteration encourages immediate purchases. Ads with Promo Codes are now available on Instagram worldwide.

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Google updates Business Listings

Google recently introduced a fresh update within its Search business listings, displaying the latest social media content from linked profiles.. The ‘Social Media Updates’ sub-section displays posts from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and X. Therefore, business owners can link their profiles via the Google Business dashboard. Google automatically populates previews based on linked profiles, with manual linking also an option. This follows last year’s expansion of social media link options for Business Profiles, enhancing context and interest within Google listings. Given Google’s traffic-driving power, integrating this element into your Google Business presence is worth considering.

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LinkedIn expands messaging functionality

LinkedIn rolled out Pages Messaging to all businesses, enabling visitors to easily contact them via their company profile. This means Admins can manage messages and assign conversation topics for better organization. The platform is also partnering with third-party tools for messaging capabilities. As private messaging becomes more prevalent, LinkedIn aims to enhance connections and facilitate communication between users and brands.

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That is all for March! In the meantime, VAfromEurope wishes you Happy Easter!