Hiring A Virtual Assistant in Ukraine: Fears vs Reality

Hiring a virtual assistant has become a common thing for businesses throughout the world, especially for smaller companies. As a rule, medium-sized and small businesses or start-ups do not possess enough funds to hire extra people. That is why they are looking to reduce costs by outsourcing a lot of business processes from a third-party company.  

 What is the first country that comes to your mind when it comes to choosing the place to outsource to? Right! Ukraine has become one of the biggest talent pools in Europe. Ukrainian virtual assistant agencies boast of a wide range of skills, including the ability to speak up to 3-4 languages, work in different time zones, etc. Besides that, our cultural identity and background bear similarities with other Western European and North American cultures. More about it here: 

The biggest concerns while outsourcing to Ukraine  

The war is still in full swing in Ukraine. Therefore, companies are being cautious while considering Ukraine as their potential talent pool. Yes, the word ‘war’ sounds horrible, but the life goes on. So, what are the biggest concerns, and how we handle it.  

– The first question VAfromEurope gets from companies abroad is: ‘What about War?’. Despite the full-scale war in the East of Ukraine and multiple air alarms throughout the day, the West is a relatively safe place to live. Thank God, we rarely have missile attacks during a War. Therefore, western cities are living their lives, working, and supporting the army and the economy.  

– Data security is being one of the biggest concerns when customers approach the companies, they are willing to outsource to. Especially, if the country is at war. Although a data breach is the worst nightmare for companies operating sensitive data, there is nothing to worry about if you’re working with us. Dealing with customers throughout the world means following the regulations, established all over the world. Our company follows GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ISO27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, etc. BCP (which stands for Business Continuity Planning) is a strategy that ensures that company if following the rules and customers’ data and business processes are not impacted by political situation or any other issues. What’s more, the use of a VPN enhances the security of your sensitive information even more. More about data security at Agiliway here: How Agiliway Ensures Clients’ Data Security – Agiliway ( VAfromEurope is a BPO department of Agiliway)  

– Power cuts or blackouts can seriously hamper all business processes. We used to have them a lot before in winter 2023. However, if you need the job done, you can always find a way out. VAfromEurope is equipped with the most powerful generators available on the market, thus our staff has never had an electricity issue. That is why our customers have never even experienced any delays or reductions in our performance.  

– Powers cuts result in the Internet issues. No power cuts – and no issues with the Internet. Therefore, even by any chance the electricity is gone, our employees are welcome to work in the office. In addition, our offices are equipped with Starlink to provide flawless internet connection.  

– Resilience and stress resistance are crucial for productivity and being able to meet deadlines. War and the feeling of insecurity are frustrating. Despite being under the pressure of constant stress, our virtual assistants are committed to demonstrating high performance no matter what. 

 The results of our commitment to our standards speak for themselves. We support customers all over the world. Hence, there is no need to worry about the quality of the services, even under conditions like war. If you need more information, just reach out to our team for a quote. Getting the job, you need done is just one click away.