Do you consider outsourcing BPO services to Ukraine?

Outsourcing business processes has become a good rule of thumb for the vast majority of businesses from startups to global enterprises. And the pandemic even boosted the number of services that could be outsourced worldwide.  

Lots of businesses from the United States and Europe outsource to Eastern Europe and other countries. And the benefits are obvious. Thanks to outsourcing, round-the-clock productivity for your business became a reality. You can hire professionals from different time zones which means your business works even when you don’t. The cost-effectiveness goes without saying because the cost of living in Eastern countries is lower than in Western. Besides that, by delegating some of the most time-consuming tasks or those that require specific skills, the company management can free more time and concentrate on critical business processes.  

Let’s talk about BPO outsourcing in Ukraine. Foreign companies did not use to delegate to Ukrainian talents just because they knew little or nothing about them. But, can they be trusted and outsourced for some crucial tasks? 

Every time you delegate you don’t actually know who you’re going to work with. Nowadays working with and delegating to Ukrainians is a whole new thing. The fears of potential customers, who are just considering outsourcing to Ukraine, are quite understandable. Let’s take a closer look at how it works in Ukraine.  

The East of Ukraine is facing severe military activity. And the toughest moments of 2022 showed that people were and still are the main resource of the country.  So, if you’ve decided to work with a Ukrainian team located in Ukraine, that is what we can do to eliminate the risks.  

Here is what remains the same. 

Ukraine is among the biggest highly skilled talent pools and outsourcing markets in Europe. The education level in Ukraine and the possession of languages is a good fit for American and European countries. Actually, due to the pre-war statistics, Ukraine is even the fourth largest talent pool for the IT sector.  

– Overlapping time zones. The geographical convenience of the country provides overlapping time zones with all European countries or even Israel. The time difference between Ukraine and the US varies between 7 to 10 hours. This difference in time also makes Ukraine an awesome outsourcing destination for American companies because in that case your business can still accept phone calls, reply to emails or perform more complicated tasks. 

The time difference with European countries comprises 1-2 hours which actually makes no difference in working schedules. This means you’ll be working according to the same schedule. 

– Ukraine is a proven home for startups and has highly inventive and creative potential. Many globally known companies were founded here. And the variety of business processes that can be outsourced is more than alluring. Research and development operations are among them. Even Samsung and Boeing delegated their R&D processes to Ukraine. 

The full-scale war in Ukraine has affected our economy, but not the team spirit and working potential.  

 What’s new about the working environment in Ukraine in 2023 

  • In fact, an ongoing war made the Ukrainian talent pool even more stress-resistant and resilient 
  • The security requirements have become even higher to protect companies’ sensitive data from leaking 
  • The boost of team spirit helps go through the hardships of war with a bigger determination. 

  What a customer needs to know about the potential outsourcing company: 

  • Whether the company has an office of its own and the necessary equipment.  
  • The location of the company and whether it is exposed to military activity.  
  • And last but not least. If you want to work with a Ukrainian company, don’t hesitate to ask questions and get answers.  

Every company decides for itself whether to delegate or not, whom to delegate and what the future benefits are. It’s up to you. And VAfromEurope is always ready to help you out.