Signs of Burnout? 5 Things to Change Immediately

You are never delegating tasks and trying to do everything on your own. You are trying to be active 24/7 all the year round. But what you get as a result is confused mind, shaking hands and a desire to connect your body to coffee machine. Seems like you will explode soon. What are the main signs of burnout and how to treat it properly?

  Lack of concentration

People around are talking to you, but seems like  you are flying in some other galaxy. It is not like you are a bad listener, you simply can’t focus. And it is easily explained: your brain can handle short blow-ups of stress, but when it becomes chronic, you start burning out and losing your ability to listen, concentrate and analyze in a proper way.

  Rapid change in mood

Frequent shifts in mood are among the main symptoms of exhaustion  and lead to deep depression. Right now you are standing with radiant smile on your face and only in 5 minutes you want to hide your tears. You are like the ocean, currently changing from calm to ill. And this symptoms need burnout treatment.

  Sleep deprivation

Seven to eight hours of a bedtime is a must for every person, especially for those who are working hard. You risk some level of mental exhaustion in case you sleep less. The situation becomes even more serious if you do not go to bed at all.

  Distracted eating

One of the most popular symptoms of burnout which has bad consequences. You do not have a proper breakfast, then you are too busy not having half an hour for your lunch, and in the evening you come home so tired that you cannot make a nutritious dinner. You eat in front of the TV, laptop,  in the car or on the go – wherever you can, but not at the table. You can hardly boast your culinary masterpieces – in most cases your meal is from the nearest fast-food restaurant. No wonder you are burning out  and feeling weak: with such food you can only harm your body.

  Negative emotions

You can’t find bright side in many things which were part of your everyday life. People and things around are annoying you. You catch yourself thinking that you want to get rid of them. Negative thinking is among those symptoms of exhaustion and burnout, which are signaling about  need to take measures.

  Social disconnection

Your friends are complaining: you do not spend talk to them, do not call or send messages. People who were bringing happiness to your life, seem to bring only distraction now. You tend to socialize less and less and your mental exhaustion is coming closer and closer.

  Low energy

You want to do too many tasks and there are more and more things-to-do in your list, but you can hardly manage to finish at least some of them. Because every moment you start something, you stop on the halfway wishing to fall asleep immediately. This exhaustion is one of the most obvious signs of burnout and it requires immediate remedies.

The effective burnout treatment includes many options. Follow these 5 valuable tips which will improve the situation immediately.

  1. Healthy sleep

Try to have your 7-8 hours. If you know  you will not have the possibility to have a rest at night, do it during a day. Take a nap if you feel like you need it. For example, 20 minutes of REM sleep helps to restore vitality. It will take away the burnout symptoms right away.

  2. Eat properly and exercise

Do not miss your breakfast, it should give you power for the rest of a day. Try to have your lunch away from your desk. Forget about your assignments, chats and phone calls. Find occasion to do sports or at least some simple exercises.

  3. Take breaks

The burnout treatment is not efficient if you do not take breaks. Make pauses during your day and week. Go for a run, take a walk or do some pleasant stuff. Those breaks will help you work more productively.

  4. Communicate with people

Do not avoid those who care about you, even if you are overwhelmed with bad emotions. Share what you feel instead. Big chances these people will help you to overcome your problems and will support you.

  5. Try delegating tasks to your assistants

Find time for yourself and take it easier. Having people who can assist you with different kinds of work is one of the best ways not to stress too much about work. You deserve some hours for yourself.