How to secure information when outsourcing the work?

So you started outsourcing and getting ready for your business to grow. But there is always a risk that your private information can be unprotected as you are outsourcing work and handing over the control to another company.

The best VA services are made to secure information and to prevent the data breach. There are always ways to mitigate the security exposure. Keep the risks to minimum and get best from outsourcing with these simple advice!

How to provide information security

  • Remember that the preparation is fundamental. Do not rush into outsourcing arrangement with VA Company just to solve a problem. Better to arrange everything in order to make it effective.
  • Try to manage the outsourcing supplier accurately especially when it comes to private information and its safety.
  • Have a clear interface with the VA Company which is a supplier and call up to organize the working process. If you do not define the interface, the secure information and some other issues fail. The supplier should precisely understand the problem to figure it out.
  • Spend time to know the supplier VA Company to know if you are compatible. It is preferable to do it on the very beginning of the working process, rather than after you already got information security problems. If you spend time to get to know each other better, your chances of success are increasing. But this may take weeks or even months to build a proper relationship.
  • Get an idea of how the company or freelancer works before outsourcing work and consider all the possible options and alternatives. Check the recognized working standards to know if the company takes information security seriously and if you can trust them.
  • Carry out a risk survey to secure information in the future. Start with the risk assessment and look what the potential business impact can be. Check the certification for the VA company and who did the accreditation for them.
  • Imitate the situation when things go out of control to see how the staff will try to secure information and if they will not try to detour the rules and controls (e.g. sharing passwords)
  • In order to protect private information check how the company manages beginners and leavers (e.g. Will the user ID be reallocated if the person is leaving the company?)
  • The supplier should agree to sign all the necessary documents especially when it comes to the paragraph about private information and its security. The company has to sign up to assured standards, operation guarantees and work protection.

Bear in mind, then when it is being told about how to secure information, you should use the quality VA services because using them will save you not only money later, but also time and nerves. Outsource to reliable company which has an excellent reputation. Keep your own bottom line skills and keep control over the working process. You know better what you want to achieve, so make the VA company know it and show the right direction to them. Build a good and close relationship with the supplier and you will get hundred times more than you expected.