20 Useful Tips for Real Estate Marketing Campaign

If you’re just starting with real estate business and you have some problems with marketing campaign, the information below will be very helpful for you. We gathered 20 useful tips and advices on this issue from leading estate professionals!

1. Represent Your Offerings with The Top Real Estate Marketing Website – Zillow

According to the fresh survey of National Association of Realtors 92% of customers searching for the house with the help of the internet. It shows the strong need for real estate business to provide internet platform to represent itself. Zillow has over 130 million visits per month, it is the largest resource in this sphere and it is the best website to start with. Zillow could provide for each spent dollar $2.60 in commissions.

2. Interact Customer’s Emotions with Listings

Creating listings as a listing agent you’ve got to know, that it’s good for sells to catch the buyer’s attention with descriptions. Interacting customer’s emotions is the effective approach. You need to sell a story, not just words.

3. Viral Real Estate Video

You have to use each possibility to apply to the customer and to enlarge the engaged audience. Viral video could do this job perfectly. A creative or hilarious clip through shares via social media would work very good for you, even if in the beginning your target group wouldn’t be reached.

4. Benefit From The Text Message Options

You’ll never know whether the buyer remembered the agent’s name or fixed the phone number and will call back. Instead of hesitating and thinking of it just make a phone number which could offer all essential information upon the request from a customer immediately in a text message.

5. Use Different Internet Sources To Arrange E-Listing With Your Clients

Don’t be scared to use content from different internet sources, blogs etc., but don’t forget to give links or references to the original source. In this way you won’t waste too much time to create original content regularly but your emails would be still interesting and creative.

6. Google Adwords for Real Estate Marketing

Speaking about online ads, Google is one of the best platforms to work with! Explore Google Adwords, special tool for advertising from Google.

7. Facebook Advertising Help for $5

If you want to target the group you defined as your potential customer, for example, old couples more than 50 within your region? There’s a special service Fiverr, where you can hire a professional for $5 to help you to arrange ads on Facebook.

8. Real Estate Email Drip Email Tips

Drip marketing emails are messages written beforehand that get sent automatically to your buyers. They help you to establish a relationship and guide clients through the sales path. When you understood the necessity of a drip email campaign, you’ve got to know how to arrange it properly. A strong subject line of your emails is the most important thing. The next important thing is to include a call-to-action that prompts engagement.

9. The Concept of The Open Houses

Open Houses is an effective thing to foster your business. Leads like to look around inside the house, to see what’s there in a distressful way, without any difficulties for them. Open Houses should become your plus point, let buyers sign up with your devices or laptop. Use email addresses as a symbolic payment for the registration and send them the latest list of homes for sell in the neighborhood.

10. Use Real Estate Marketing Postcards

Real estate marketing postcards sent on a regular basis can improve prompted brand awareness, raise interest of the masses to your business. If you want to try postcard marketing, visit the PostcardMania resource, it provides useful tools specifically for real estate business.

11. Facebook As A Free Platform To Sell Houses

Every day many people buy and sell houses on Facebook. There is no commissions on Facebook, no fees, in addition any real estate realtor can use it. Until there is no shopping service of the immediate and direct purchase, Facebook offers the interaction of leads and brokers that could work well. In advance, you can do it for free!

12. Use Hand-Written Notes

Write thankful notes! In our age of technologies, it seems to sound strange, but because of it people appreciate such notes more than you may think. Buyers highly estimate hand-written letters and thankful notes, because you spent more time and work for it. Not many people are doing this. In real estate business, you’ve got to take any advantage you can!

13. Hire a Virtual Assistant for Marketing Campaign

You can solve all the problems with email drip, postcards, handwritten letters and thankful notes or working with Facebook communities and ads in one perfect and easy way – just hire a virtual assistant

for this purpose and you’ll forget all the headaches considering this case. It would definitely save your time.

14. Door Hangers – Time-Proven Practice

This practice is old, but useful. Make door hangers as a part of your marketing campaign. Your leads wouldn’t ignore it, probably they would take the advertisements home. Door hangers would catch their attention and mind longer than, for example, an email.

15. Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing Campaign

Pinterest is a huge social media platform. It works better than Facebook, because it consists of the visual material, and it’s easier to create a beautiful story to sell for the masses. Pinterest could provide a good connection with your potential clients, because you can offer some visual response.

16. Create a Nice Slogan

Your brand awareness depends upon your Real Estate Slogan. Your slogan will tell your leads what your business is. Nice slogan have to stick to the memory of a customer and define a tone of your business.

17. The Importance of Neighborhood Data in Listing Descriptions

Home research online becoming more and more popular. It doesn’t mean that your potential customer will buy a house without seeing a home with own eyes, but first staging points were replaced to the internet. Some customers want to choose a neighborhood before seeing a house. That’s why neighborhood description is very important.

18. Implement a Testimonial Packet for Leads

If you want to raise your sells rate, the good thing is to apply testimonials successfully to help to earn confidence of your potential buyers. It’s hard to imagine more positive thing to influence the mind of the potential client than a third party recommendations of your work from someone who has already done business with you. Sometimes that’s all you need to persuade someone to sign the contract with you.

19. Do You Want More Signed Contracts? Develop Your Real Estate Website

According to the statistics, during the weekend 59 % of users visit real estate websites with smartphones and tablets. Despite that fact, real estate agents do not hurry to develop their websites for smart viewing. Spend more money on your website to get more profit of it!

20. The Furniture As a Next Package To Sell

Fully furnishing of your listing proposals is highly recommended. Offer the potential customer the furnishings as part of the contract. It can be used as a reason to sell the house with the offering of the turn key solution, that’s a good thing!