The list of US cities where real workers would be replaced by robots

The society is worried with the danger for business of jobs robotization. What we can see today is a growing risk of automation of the work, where the payment is less than 20 US dollars per hour and US president Obama informed congress about this tendency for business. According to the fresh report by the World Bank of the year 2016 about 16% of jobs are left for the real workers which means that 84% could be replaced with robots in developing countries.

Citibank and the Oxford Martin School created a report at the University of Oxford in January. Due to the results of this report the country with the biggest potential for automation is USA. The study of 2013 was accomplished by the data, and it shows that 702 various vacancies could be robotized.

There are also some matters listed in the study, explaining the level of possibility to automation for each particular city and defined the spheres where the automation is more likely to happen. They are: administrative support, logistics, transportation sphere. Besides, the report discovered that cities at more serious danger for robotization are those, which were especially hit by the money related emergencies, such as crises. The group of cities at risk according to this information incorporates numerous cities in the Sun Belt.

No wonder that the risk for each city depends on the amount of jobs connected with manufacturing. It’s necessary to note that virtual assistant can’t be replaced with a robot or a program, because artificial intellect lacks the human ability to make decisions due to different circumstances and create original content. Program can’t select professionals for different types of works, it can’t build a schedule if something has changed in a few moments, while the virtual assistant from Europe. Despite machines and programs are performing hard work connected with analysis of tons of data, the organizational work is better handled by the virtual assistant. That’s why virtual assistant from Europe is better than the robot or any other kind of artificial intelligence.

There also was mentioned in the study that the bigger the amount of industries requiring skilled workforce, including data, education, money, protection and real estate, and expert services or inventive branches, for example, different arts.

Check the list of 11 cities where workers are more likely to be replaced by robots below.

11. Houston, Texas 

 The amount of jobs to be robotized: 45.8%

10. Sacramento, California

 The amount of jobs to be robotized: 45.9%

9. Dayton, Ohio 

 The amount of jobs to be robotized tion: 46%

8. Los Angeles, California

 The amount of jobs to be robotized: 47%

 7. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

The amount of jobs to be robotized: 47.1%

 6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

 The amount of jobs to be robotized: 47.1%

 5. Grand Rapids, Michigan 

The amount of jobs to be robotized: 47.9%

4. Reading, Pennsylvania

 The amount of jobs to be robotized: 48.4%

3. Greensboro, North Carolina

 The amount of jobs to be robotized: 48.5%

 2. Las Vegas, Nevada

The amount of jobs to be robotized: 49.1%

1. Fresno, California

The amount of jobs to be robotized: 53.8%