How to Use WordPress Plugins Effectively?

Of course, we use WordPress a lot and we like the process of working with it. This platform is so useful, when we work with different websites, it gives a lot of options to fill them correctly. Whatever business you have, it has to be presented with a good website, which reflects all its peculiarities and exclusiveness. How can WordPress help with it? Let’s see.

Additional plugins, that can be added to WordPress, allow us to use more platform’s functions. This way, we can use it to add the differentiation to websites. Due to the information on the WordPress website, there are more than 40K plugins to use. Of course, not all of them helps to make the website awesome and different, some plugins are used just for simple work with a website, but some let us make our pages more unique, which makes our website special, interesting, even more qualitative.

So, you want to create something cool and add some new features to your website. But there is an obstacle – even if you know exactly what do you need to add and what tools can be useful, there would be a lot of options. Then, which plugin to choose? After having our own experience in choosing, using and working with WordPress plugins, our specialists tested a lot of them and determined some that can really help.

1. CoSchedule.

It works like a calendar. If you have a lot of info to post and a lot of work to do with the website, it is a useful plugin to schedule all these in advance (weeks, even month).

2. Instagram Feed.

If you are trying to keep up with the latest social media news and ways of business marketing, you have to use Instagram, of course. Using of this plugin helps to show your Instagram feed on the website and to invite people to follow your business page.

3. Frizzly.

What does this plugin do really well – it helps to communicate other people with your website. Just with hovering over a photo, a menu, options, it allows to share the information from the website on social media, like tweeting, sharing on facebook, etc.

4. Notifications Bar.

You can often see a notifications bar on the top of different websites, where they offer to follow some pages or to subscribe to news or newsletters. Such thing is effective to catch people’s attention and to offer them actions you want them to do on your website.

The basic knowledge of WordPress and coding allows you to install plugins that you need. If someone is not a confident user of it, you can always get the help from our VAfromEurope Team.