7 Ways to Make Social Media Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Social media has become a proven tool to grow business results in any niche you might be working. Still, to achieve results, social media marketing needs to have a well-thought strategy, which would help you build brand awareness, connect with your audience and, eventually, generate leads and sales. A special place in this strategy should be devoted to driving traffic to your website. Here are 7 practical tips you can use for increasing website traffic using social media:

  1. Make your website have a blog with useful and relevant content and share it in the social media. Social media is primarily the place to read the news and interesting content and people may get annoyed when they are only marketed directly here. At the same time, if you provide interesting content on the social media channel, which does not link back to your website, you lose the chance to track visits and remarket people who are interested in a particular product or service. With a blog, you actually kill many many birds with one stone – improve SEO of your website, have valuable content to share on the social media, find the audience you can market, etc.
  2. Make sure the content on your website has social share buttons. Again, this is important for SEO, but it also helps to drive more traffic to your website. Just consider Facebook here, the largest of the social media platforms: it has remade its algorithms to show more friends’ posts and fewer business pages’ posts. This way, if your article is shared by a regular user, it may appear in the timeline of much more people that if you shared the same link.
  3. Refer people to your website. Although this might seem obvious, many people still miss much of the traffic simply not providing links to their websites in the social media when answering user’s questions or commenting on the relevant posts. Track the discussions, which refer to your niche, and indicate by the way where users can read more on the topic.
  4. Use several social media channels. To drive more traffic, you need to use more social media channels. It does not mean you need to use them all, but try not to limit your social media marketing to one platform! Determine what social media sites are relevant to your audience and share content there. Try sharing content on Linkedin or Medium or answer questions pertaining to your expertise on Quora (it boasts 190 million monthly users in 2018!). Again, refer people to your website as you do.
  5. Share your website content more than once. Neil Patel, a traffic guru, recommends posting the website article at least three times. Although the engagement with each next time diminishes, the engagement on second and third sharing equals the engagement on the first one, which eventually doubles the traffic to your website. At the same time, sharing several times may make your post go viral.
  6. Make your niche experts help you. Create a roundup article, which would give expert’s views on the topic pertaining to your business. If you cannot contact experts and ask for their opinion, you may quote their Facebook or Twitter public posts, where they express their views on the topic. When sharing such article in the social media, tag the experts in the post – it is very likely that they will share your post among the millions of people following them.
  7. Use to drive traffic to your website via each piece of content you share. Of course, followers appreciate when you share some useful content from relevant websites. Still, it does not drive traffic to your website. is the tool that can correct this allowing to create a call to action with a link to your website on the page you share with your social media audience.

Using these 7 ways to make social media drive more traffic to your website might have an immediate effect on your business. VAfromEurope experts are ready to help you employ the best social media marketing strategies so that you receive maximum benefits from the online presence.