How a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant Can Increase Your Network

LinkedIn has 530 millions of users and it is the largest professional network in the world. No doubt, it has become a significant part of any small business and online presence of the owner. Taking into account these amazing numbers, in what form is your profile?

It is one of the great tasks which you could delegate for the virtual assistants. Read on to see how they can increase your presence on LinkedIn.

Grow your network!

Check Connections

Quality Assurance is a key. A great job for your virtual assistant is everyday checking of invitations on Linkedin. Instead of just accepting these connections VA will verify who they are and if there is something common you have. Many people turn to the masses to develop their connections without any doubt of who they are joining. It is better to have 200 good connections than 500 people who can not relate to your own business.

Track the appropriate groups

The LinkedIn group is a place where networking happens and it allows members with a common industry or interest to come together in one place. Your VA can help to increase visibility by:

  • Placing links to recent blog posts;
  • Sourcing industry new articles;
  • Underlining considerations that you have to contribute;
  • Questions that you can answer.

Create New Sales Opportunities

  • Make a need analysis to define and identify who would want your product or service;
  • Gather contact information for future outlooks of companies to be able to identify the next possibilities;
  • Manage existing clients and analyze their current positions to keep your database clean;
  • Find contact information and email addresses and standee lists for conferences and events which would be of interest of your target market;
  • Create connection requests. It has to be a personal message explaining either how do you know them or why you want to connect.

All of this will help you to grow as an experienced professional in your field and build trust relationships with existing and potential clients and contacts. Groups are another way to identify new members either from your own or secondary businesses. That would be wonderful connections, further strengthening and developing of your network outside the current contact area.

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