VA for Coaches and Speakers: 5 Tasks to Outsource

As a coach or a speaker, you spend a lot of time preparing your content, making travel arrangements, organizing a calendar and above this, you wish your listeners will walk away with knowledge and satisfaction after the event. Managing to do all this is a difficult task and you may skip opportunities while resolving it all by yourself.

5 Tasks of What Coaches and Speakers Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant:


There are plenty of opportunities, events, and conferences, you just need someone who will analyze them and suggest good for you. Once your virtual employee learns your perfect audience, he can find opportunities to speak and offer you participation in the event.


The more connections you have, the more your inbox and calendar need attention. You may outsource calendar and inbox to a VA. In such a way, you can dedicate your time to concentrating on content creation for future events while your virtual personal assistant is cooperating with possible event managers, planning dates and organizing a trip.


Every speaking event has its own manager, as well as its distinct working conditions and other peculiarities, which need to be discussed with the organizers. Your virtual executive assistant may cooperate with the manager of the event to answer important questions:

  • Who will be your coordinator?
  • When you should come and where you can stay?
  • Is it possible to advertise your business or product from the stage?
  • Will there be an opportunity to share slides and see the screen while talking?
  • Will my performance be recorded on camera?

Receiving answers to those and other questions will guarantee you are prepared enough to go on the stage.


Speech performances include more than a stage or a microphone as many speakers use slides and handouts. Once you have made most of the content, hire a professional virtual worker to manage information and make a presentation that matches your both brand and style.


Once you have agreed with the event manager on what you can promote, think about how you can make your product attractive to your listeners and potential clients. For example, a virtual secretary can create a registration card or online form for future events, such as webinars. Moreover, the VA can gather the main points of your presentation and create a fancy brochure, which may also include promotions and offers of your business.

Hiring a virtual assistant can save a lot of your time. If you are not sure how virtual staff may help you with your career, don`t hesitate to contact VAfromEurope.


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