Virtual Assistance Tools: Business Vector for Success

Business Outsourcing Service… A range of unconditional advantages cannot go without effective and innovative tools for proper and secure outsourced tasks monitoring. Outsourcing service is all about mutual understanding, fruitful cooperation, and rock-solid reliability. A twofold connection is performed through certain tools a client can use to keep an ear to the ground. VafromEurope ensures a good number of tools to be implied for overall business progress control and possible facilitation. 

Need A Hand With The Outsourced Business Monitoring and Communicating Tools? Take a Deep Breath: We Are Here For You 

We tend to get a variety of questions from our clients regarding the most efficient tools and methods of effective business communication and management. Nowadays, in the era of multitasking, a businessman should find the right solution to a proper monitoring and communication process. What is more, small businesses frequently have several tools to operate, which finally turn out to be too weary and time consuming for them.  

To clear the issue up, here you can find the most popular tools of our clients used to manage your business tasks performance level:  

Scrum Framework Software Tools 

Scrum framework tools are particularly effective at organizing, visualizing and, consequently, monitoring each and every outsourced business task with a beneficial advantage of considering a particular business needs and volume. 

  • Trello 
  • ClickUp 
  • Asana 
  • And much more 

Widely Used Communication Tools 

Live communication tools allow a virtual assistant-client close collaboration process. 

  • Slack (Google Drive, DropBox), 
  • Skype
  • Zoom 
  • WhatsApp, etc. 

It is well worth mentioning that it does not matter what tools the clients decide to use. Our team is familiar with many of them as our rich background vectors enable a quick focus orientation on a client’s needs before starting to use new tools.  

Project Management tools as well as Сommunication tools facilitate management, monitoring and communication processes greatly, while not excluding formal email correspondence

What is more… 

Due to VAfromEurope team’s profound experience in various project management tools practicing, while combined with our strive for constant development and improvement, the clients are welcome to propose monitoring tools they prefer. On our part, a multilateral approach and compromise prone atmosphere are guaranteed.