Our Clients’ Requests. Invoice Processing

You have already outsourced a good portion of your business effort- and time-consuming tasks to an offshore team and are satisfied with the results. Your business is successfully developing and appears to be quite profitable. Business process outsourcing is something you feel to be strongly in favor of. Nevertheless, there is something that makes you give a second thought while deciding to outsource your invoice handling procedure. Why? Let us dig into the essence of the issue and make it crystal clear. 

Why to outsource your invoice processing? 

Benefits are numerous: 

  • Huge cost reduction (you don`t need to hire the full-stack employees and adjust your office space to them. You just click on the right monthly package to get your personal Virtual Assistant, your multilateral business helping hand)  
  • High quality and accuracy 
  • Getting rid of non-core and time-consuming tasks 
  • No hiring and training fuss 

What invoice processing software systems we use? 

We practice a good number of invoice processing software systems, e.g. Xero and Stripe, for the time being. What is important, we use a client’s system for handling invoices. Ample experience with different kinds of CRM systems allows us to be quick while learning a new one. 

Why do most of the entrepreneurs hesitate to outsource invoice processing? 

They frequently appear to worry about: 

  • Business process disruption 
  • A loss of control 
  • Security violation according to the NDA and GDPR rules 

However, there is nothing to be concerned about. Outsourcing does not mean a loss of control as we provide our clients with a final alignment possibility. We discuss the convenient method of the approvement and communication format. What is more, outsourcing is not about lack of responsibility: replacing ‘live’ employees by ‘virtual’ ones is something every business platform should get accustomed to while chasing success in the framework of the modern world.  And last but not least, our virtual assistants team are working in the office, which is a pledge of the implementation and safety compliance regarding NDA, GDPR and internal security systems. 

Not persuaded yet and looking forward to any practical experience example? Here you are: 

Our VAfromEurope team has had experience working with small and big companies which assure the creation of invoices: 

  1. A client provides us with access to the system 
  2. We get all the official information sent by e-mail 
  3. We create an invoice 
  4. The client approves the invoice. (It is one but not the only scheme of invoice creating or updating) 

So, being flexible, meeting deadlines and staying cool-headed are some of our characteristic attributes. 

Finally, a few words to conclude: do not hesitate to outsource your business routine tasks to get spare time for something really pressing and essential. Just give it a try and all your doubts will vanish into thin air as we are client-focused and have made our customers’ comfort, security and total trust out first priorities. 


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