The Cornerstone of a Successful Copywriting: Research

Interesting and catchy text, amazing pictures and perfect structure – this is what a target audience sees and reads on a variety of online sites. However, no one seems to be interested in a kind of a ‘backstage’ activity necessary to secure a high-quality written product output.  It is Research. There is not a single successful website article or alike, which did not call for a deep and careful research stage to be done. What is more, the very writing is not more than 15% with the rest 85% left for the very researching activity. Sounds time- and effort- consuming? Business outsourcing is always at your service.

Actually, the research aspect in copywriting comprises of three main stages:

  • Target audience identification and understanding
  • Keywords searching
  • Information gathering and analyzing

Nevertheless, with the first two points being mentioned in our previous articles, the third one still needs to be thoroughly investigated.

 What is copywriting information research all about? How can it be conducted? Basic research methods and leading practices include:

  • Interviews conducting
  • Customer surveys making and evaluating
  • Background information internet surfing
  • Competitors’ content finding out and thoroughly analyzing, etc.

All the research informational channels mentioned above allow a copywriter to:

  • Develop a solid understanding and interpreting platform concerning a product/service main features and benefits
  • Get credible and highly useful information to lift up and promote a business under discussion.

Note: detailed research on a product or service is an integral and central part of a proper article writing. A copywriter is to have a sound and clear understanding of the service/product benefits, pros and cons, main features, attributes, peculiarities, and alike.

Understandably, it would sound odd not to mention a final stage of research in copywriting: a process of turning rough notes into a well-structured written form depending on the media type it should be published in.

A key to a high-quality end product in copywriting is a combination of both good command of written language(writing style) and a solid knowledge background concerning a core issue under analysis. Do not hesitate to contact the VAfromEurope team in case you should need a helping hand.