Outsourcing tendencies 2020 for BPO

We have just entered a New Year 2020; a Year of new experiences, new ideas and new challenges. On New Year’s Eve, there exists a tradition to think back, summarize and analyze everything the previous year was rich in. It is really priceless experience we get every time we reflect on it. However, it is always great to peep into something innovative and interesting the coming year offers to us in the sphere of business services. New prospects and new trends cannot be left aside regarding ongoing successful and profitable business growth and development. Foresight, flexibility and deep collaboration combined with mutual understanding and technological progress are going to be the leading outsourcing vectors in 2020. 

BPO trends and tendencies 2020 are a logical continuation of the ones characteristic of 2019. What is more, worldwide overall progress is bound to directly influence the tendencies business outsourcing will follow in the New Year. Subsequently, the upcoming trends 2020 offers are going to be as follows: 

  • BPO priority shift. We will witness a crucial priority shift from cost to value orientation. The tendency demonstrates a highly positive and success-oriented approach the whole service will benefit from considerably. 
  • Outsourcing areas expansion. In 2019, a third party service provider started gaining its popularity on European and Latin American markets, not Indian and Chinese only. Such a tendency means higher competition and, as a result, better service quality. Lower labor costs in Eastern and Central Europe, as compared to the EU, together with European mentality is a pledge for further collaboration demand and popularity growth in 2020. 
  • Automation and cloud-based platforms implementation. As it has been mentioned above, world technological progress cannot be stopped but stay updated with and used to the fullest. Virtual support, including bots and robots, are bound to gain momentum in the year of the Metal Rat. The advanced technologies implementation process will be rather hard and time-consuming, nevertheless, it is bound to simplify and streamline the business processes outsourced. 
  • New increasingly demanded outsourcing services based on a client-centric approach appearance. With a client gradually becoming a central object of the cooperation, a boom of the following new outsourcing areas is expected in 2020: culture, design, healthcare, education and so on. In a nutshell, arising innovative directions in BPO will be focused on immaterial objects and values, such as human emotional experiences and overall well-being. 

The New time period is going to be remembered and marked by: 

  • client base increase; 
  • high-end critical business processes outsourcing tendency; 
  • social media tools and channels wide usage; 
  • customer-focused approach,  
  • BPO companies number and functionality growth, etc. 

Our VAfromEurope had seen a great development period throughout 2019. We got acquainted with a number of new clients/services and, consequently, acquired a number of new skills and experiences. Yet we meet New 2020 in anticipation of even wider cooperation boundaries and interesting business projects to handle. We are sure to keep up with the times, improve our ongoing processes and strive for new knowledge and innovative decisions. 

Outsourcing sphere has been surviving through its ‘testing’ period for a while. Every year it turns out to become a more and more demanded sphere for all the types of businesses existing. 2020 is bound to serve as a manifestation of outsourcing services as an integral part of any business growth and market popularization. 


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