May Social Services and Networks News Digest

May has just ended and left behind a good number of social media updates and novelties well worth mentioning and discussing in our monthly digest. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., have made their personal input in public lives during May. New platforms, ideas, decisions and events cannot but attract our attention. 

Facebook Announces ‘Shops’ for Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook and Instagram have announced about their united platform launch together with Shopify, which concerns online stores for the users. The initiative has been claimed to be a part of Zuckerberg’s program centered on small business development and support under the crisis. With the newly launched platform, both the users and the retailers are going to benefit from.  


  • will get a real possibility to choose and buy the very product/item they would like to online while staying safe at their homes. 


  • will get a chance to keep their businesses on the go during these hard times. 

The retailing space Facebook platform is thought to serve the present public needs and demands quite effectively. Only time will tell whether the assumptions are correct though. 

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Facebook launches another group calling app called CatchUp 

Another group calling platform? Facebook has recommended itself as the one extremely active in the platforms alike developing. WhatsApp, Messenger Teams, etc. seem not to be enough and the social media platform goes on with the initiative and presents CatchUp in the framework of its experimental performance.  

The tool is currently able within the US and allows eight participants at most. The main feature that differentiated it form the other Facebook’s tools alike is the function demonstrating the availability of the members.  

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Instagram Adds New ‘Guides’ Profile Section to Help users Connect with Resources and Products 

This piece of info will be about a new Instagram option called Guides. It is another profile tag along with IGTV, Mentions and Posts. Unlike three of them, the Guides is a completely new variant of a Pinterest like nature, which allows certain businesses and individuals underline the tips or other information types they prefer for better visualization and easier search for their target audience.  

Yet there exist a number of restriction for the time being, in the near future Instagram plans to make the tool accessible and widely used among a variety of the SM network users. 

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Twitter’s Making it Easier to Add Alt-Text Descriptions to Uploaded Images 

A new ALT+ button on Twitter for the photo descriptions adding. The button can be found on the very image and is perfectly seen and easy to use. With such a move, Twitter is: 

  • encouraging the users to upload their photo descriptions; 
  • making your images more searchable and thus more popular; 
  • smoothing the service for the visually impaired users, etc. 

So, upload your photos and videos while making the descriptions for them. Make the object you see visible and assessed by the others as high as you do. Twitter has granted you with such a brilliant possibility. 

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Google Adds New Tools to Help Businesses Call for Support and Promote Online Options During COVID-19 

The information will definitely be useful for small business owners and the users themselves. Google has imaged itself as one of the first to drive attention and forces to the COVID 19 issues. Presently, the service continues to follow the path determined and introduces Google my Business profiles support link. The new tool is aimed to promote small business online existence and performance. The functionality announced comprises: 

  • a call for donations (while partnering with GoFundMe and PayPal); 
  • gift cards purchases promotion (with Square, Clover, etc.). 

In their turn, people will get a possibility to easily and quickly find and support businesses in need through Search and Map. What is more, additional features will be soon added to the list: 

  • profile attributes like ‘Online meetings’, ‘Online classes’ and so on increase; 
  • easy booking procedures for the merchants’ services; 
  • a wide range of tools for COVID 19 specifically. 

The services like Google my Business will help both ordinary users and businesses survive the crises and, what is more, adopt to new rules and conditions to go on and boost their performances.  

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Google Launches Discovery Ads in All Regions, Providing New Ways to Reach Browsing Consumers 

To go on with the theme of Google crisis popular initiatives and solutions framework, an innovative approach called Discovery adds service has been just launched. It is social media oriented with short-term perspectives concerning new audiences and enhanced performances. 

Discovery adds option is available on: 

  • YouTube; 
  • Discover ( a Google search application); 
  • Gmail (as prompt offers for the users). 

The expansion of your social media campaign into Google service has all chances to serve perfectly, as the company is believed to be good at advertising and products/services presentation. 

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